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My hair is getting the chop & Hair Extentions – the aftermath

I’m finally biting the bullet and getting my hair cut tomorrow. I got such a huge response from my post on bedhead bobs Most of you thought I should go for it whilst a few of you, my sister included, pleaded with me not to.

Well, the choice has been taken away – the only way is snip!

This weekend I had my semi-permanent hair extensions removed. I loved them, they were great but it has been a month since I was supposed to have them removed or replaced. I had decided to give my hair a little rest for a few months and have them removed…but I dilly-dallied (‘delayed’ for those of you who speak proper English).

They were perfect for 4 months but in the last month I have caused a bit of a mess.

The result of this one month delay in removal? Well, matting, tangles, roots and worst of all some keratin bond melting – all self inflicted I might add. The latter was caused by my mashing a few bonds with the hair straighteners whilst in a hurry. Silly, silly girl! The mess I caused made removal, which is usually straight forward, more of a challenge.

Anyway now that they’re  finally out I have to say my hair is in pretty good condition. Since having the extension in I use heat rarely so my hair is a lot less fried. My hair had also grown a lot but I had my mum cut my hair with the extensions in a few weeks ago so I can’t really show the growth.

Condition aside, here’s the downside. I forgot how thin my hair was! The stylist who put in my extentions at Contours of Mind said that I would feel like crying when I saw what my hair is really like after months of luscious lock. She was right.

The last inches of my hair is so thin that it looks ridiculous! A hair cut is necessary at this stage to ensure future hair health.

My mother dearest will be cutting it this afternoon so I will be back with an ‘after’ shot this evening. For now I leave you with the dismal before shot.

Look at the thinness!

Fingers crossed for me!

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