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My hair is getting the chop & Hair Extentions – the aftermath

I’m finally biting the bullet and getting my hair cut tomorrow. I got such a huge response from my post on bedhead bobs Most of you thought I should go for it whilst a few of you, my sister included, pleaded with me not to.

Well, the choice has been taken away – the only way is snip!

This weekend I had my semi-permanent hair extensions removed. I loved them, they were great but it has been a month since I was supposed to have them removed or replaced. I had decided to give my hair a little rest for a few months and have them removed…but I dilly-dallied (‘delayed’ for those of you who speak proper English).

They were perfect for 4 months but in the last month I have caused a bit of a mess.

The result of this one month delay in removal? Well, matting, tangles, roots and worst of all some keratin bond melting – all self inflicted I might add. The latter was caused by my mashing a few bonds with the hair straighteners whilst in a hurry. Silly, silly girl! The mess I caused made removal, which is usually straight forward, more of a challenge.

Anyway now that they’re  finally out I have to say my hair is in pretty good condition. Since having the extension in I use heat rarely so my hair is a lot less fried. My hair had also grown a lot but I had my mum cut my hair with the extensions in a few weeks ago so I can’t really show the growth.

Condition aside, here’s the downside. I forgot how thin my hair was! The stylist who put in my extentions at Contours of Mind said that I would feel like crying when I saw what my hair is really like after months of luscious lock. She was right.

The last inches of my hair is so thin that it looks ridiculous! A hair cut is necessary at this stage to ensure future hair health.

My mother dearest will be cutting it this afternoon so I will be back with an ‘after’ shot this evening. For now I leave you with the dismal before shot.

Look at the thinness!

Fingers crossed for me!

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  • Gail Mendesa

    Black hair lovers are frequently like to show off the item

  • robyn

    i’m so excited to see the “after” picture!

  • Lieenie

    A fab cut (which I’m sure you Mam will do) and some layers it’ll look thicker in no time! Plus an excuse to try out lots of new hair products! I love visiting Claire’s after a new DO to get new clips and bobbles & earings to show it all off!

  • Kelly

    sounds like a good idea…It do it oo…but dont think it’d suit my face and that.. cant wait to see pic..

  • Jenny

    Good Luck :D

  • Rachel

    Can’t wait to see the aftermath…will be fab no doubt!!!!!

  • Aysh

    aww good luck hun! I’m sure you’ll look fab! :) I was the same when I had my extensions in…kept them in for as long as I possibly could (i.e too long!) & felt like weeping when they were taken out! Partly from relief at finally feeling lighter on my head, but mostly from having such thin, horrid hair after! Haven’t had extensions since, as I’ve been trying to grow the hair myself :) its certainly taking its time though! Any tips you can give me hun, on how to make hair grow faster?? :)

    Aysh xoxo

  • Amina (innerbelle)

    oh no amy… its almost like i cnt watch but i wanna see how it’ll look, im pretty sure itll look fab and well defo ensure better future hair growth

  • Orla

    good luck! love that nail colour too xx

  • kcov

    good luck! can’t wait to see the results.

    p.s. that nail color is gorgeous!

  • Ash

    Can not wait too see the after shot ,bet you look gorgie !!!

  • Karen

    Best of luck :)

  • katie

    your nail varnish is lovely, i have thick hair and i hate it everyone wants what they can’t have.

  • Birminghamlady

    good luck! i’m sure you will look super cute though. I too have thin hair and can’t really let it grow, as it looks like a mouse tail, it’s sooo weird. I can’t even have proper bangs. Ugh.

  • Saoirse

    Your hair still looks so pretty in these photos!! I wouldn’t think it’s thin at all…and I would know, I have horribly thin hair :(

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