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My Hair Saviour – Olive Oil & Egg Hair Mask

My has been going through a bit of a dry spell lately. I blame hormones. Of course, I blame those on just about everything :) As you can gather I spend a lot of money on hair care products but I did wonder if I could revert to my old ways and use something from my kitchen to improve the quality of my hair.

I settled on this recipe and have been delighted with the results.


  • 4 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 eggs

Apply to dry hair. Leave on hair for at least 15 minutes (I waited 30 minutes). Then wash you hair as normal.

I tried this three times over the past week and my hair feels soft, shiny and manageable. It’s not greasy or dry. It’s just right. It’s almost like the mask normalised my hair.

Definitely worth a try!

Any home remedies to share??

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    other way is to mix olive oil with egg and honey – keep it for at least 20min or one hour and then wash it; other simple option – coconut oil before washing or even for a whole night

  • Sarah

    So need this right now. Thanks for posting x

  • Monica

    Hi Amy ,

    I do like using vitamin e capsules and using the liquid vitamin e for dry skin- like rough cuticles! I usually warm the capsule on a hot water bottle before bursting. It’s really good for hands and feet, ESP if your hands have been doing alt of housework !

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