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My Hair – the story so far. What do you think?

I get tonnes of questions about my hair – the colour, the cut, the extensions etc. so here is all the details. My mum colours my hair and my dad styles it so I have checked all the details with them.

My hair is naturally about a 7 on the colour scale (see chart below).

Saying goodbye to Mahogany

I had a nightmare of a time stripping the Mahogany dye out of my hair earlier this year.  I don’t recommend blondes to go dark on a whim, the blonde regrowth looks ridiculous and the maintenance costs a fortune. One would think you could just add more mahogany in every time your roots show, not exactly – this means your hair just gets darker and darker from colour build up.

I did love the colour but it was a huge amount of upkeep for a blonde. If I was a natural brunette it would have been much easier to maintain. I used Clairol Nice & Easy Mahogany Red. Like any colour, fading is the devil!

I hated my hair during the colour fading time. I was washing my hair a few times a day to try and wash out the Semi-Permanent dye. Finally my hair resembled it’s initial colour but it the dye did bond with  a few sections of my hair. My mum had to highlight these to lift out the red tinge. I was a funny shade of orange for a few weeks.

I had to use every deep conditioner I could get my hands on for a month or so.

At this stage and before the red hair I used to clip in extensions from time to time. My hair has been very fine since last year when I lost quite a lot of my hair,close to half. It’s growing back now.

My colour now

My mum left my base colour alone and then added a few highlights and lowlights through the T Bar (top layer only).

She adds highlights and lowlights about 4 times a year – mostly during the Winter as my hair lift to a very fair shade naturally during the Summer).

She highlights with a professional colour 8-9 and lowlights with a 6-7. She takes very fine weavings of hair to avoid a stripy look. It just looks like my hair is multi-tonal.

My cut

My dad is an amazing stylist He often razors the ends of my layers, which I love. He really considers facial features before giving me the cut I ask for. Usually I ask for long layers and a trim. I haven’t been having too many cuts lately since I have the extensions in.

Hair Extensions

You probably know by now that I had semi-permanent hair extensions put in during the Summer at Contours of Mind salon. I love them! They’re starting to grow out at the moment and are due to be removed. You can see the bonds growing out a little…

I think I’ll give my hair a little rest for a few months before having them put in again.

Hair Care

At the moment I’m using Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner. I spray a little Tigi S Factor into the roots for some volume. I also love Pureology shampoo and conditioner. I have been taking a more natural approach to hair products lately.

Styling & Tools

I dry my hair with a salon style dryer (thank you Mammy). I used to let my hair dry naturally but it looks a little crazy with the extensions. I point the nozzle down the hair shaft and use a large round brush, rotating all the way down. Occasionally I use a hair straighteners on the top layer but I don’t have a good one at the moment. I’m using Corioliss – hate it! Here’s a picture so you know what to avoid!

It was a waste of €100! I recently bought a Babyliss wand and love it (video tutorial coming soon).

What does the future hold for my hair?

Unfortunately it’s time for the extensions to be removed. I’m feeling the need for a bit of a change. I’m tempted to have a little cut, I would feel much healthier and I need a bit of a change. It’s boring having the same hair all of the time. What do you think?

What do you use on your hair? Should I get a little hair cut?


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