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My Summer on Instagram

My favourite Summer dress, from Tesco. I know! I couldn’t believe it either. This is what happens when you send Amy to buy bread and milk.

What every bikini needs… a giant hat!

Outfit of the Day, ditzy floral crazy! Went a little over-board on the girly-ness. I often do.

I had many, many picnics in Howth. Howth is one of those places that needs no filter. It’s just so pretty.

A selfie that showed some summer obsessions, eyelash extensions, summer t-shirts and Fuschia’s Mineral Makeup. My hair is very long at the moment but I clipped in one layer of hair extensions for a bit more fullness.

Outfit of the night, black dress from Asos & 5 inch heels! Laughing at the Head scratch moment.

Sunning myself poolside in Lanzarote!

Another of my favourites, this one is from New Look.

There’s something about the beach at night.

Happy Birthday to me! Fairy cakes and hello kitty scooters, yes I just turned 5 :D

One hell of a birthday pressie! I was a very good girl all year ya see, adjusts halo

My favourite view, lying under a tree peeking up at the sky.

I filmed a few videos… more to come, I promise!

We ladies love our hats!

A beautiful rose for a beloved baba’s birthday

This is what happens when H&M sell dresses for €13, I then need one in every colour! I went back and bought a pink and white one too.

I pretty much moved into St Anne’s park for the Summer. Artisan Food markets, the scent of the rose garden in the breeze. Hate to be morbid, but when I die I’d like to be scattered here, take note :D

And finally, this Summer I was really obsessed with wavy hair!

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