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My Love for Victoria’s Secret Spritzers…

I have built up a little collection of Victoria Secret body sprays over the past few years. Most mornings I open my closet and stare at a shelf of perfumes, make my selection based on my mood, outfit and plans for the day. But some days I can’t face perfume, I don’t entirely know why this is but sometimes they are too much first thing in the morning. On those days I select a VS spritzer. That way I still smell pretty but it’s a light scent.

I thought I would show you the ones I have and a little about them and I was hoping you would have some Victoria Secret recommendations for me :)

Here is the lot….

First,the Secret Garden sprays…

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell, Pure Seduction, Amber Romance, Secret Charm

These are fruity and sweet and a pleasure to use. I also have a pear scented one but I can’t stand the smell of it was excluded from the photograph. Aw, poor pear! My favourite is Love Spell. I liked it so much that I bought the shampoo and conditioner with the same scent so now my hair smells the same…it’s the little things.

I occasionally spray these on my duvet before I get into bed at night. Not for any reason other than I like to smell nice things whilst drifting off to the land of nod. Amber Romance is the one I least like out of these four, it reminds me a little of toilet freshener (just a hint of toilet freshener!).

And my absolute favourites, the PINK With a Splash line…

Victoria Secret PINK With a Splash – Soft & Dreamy, Soft & Pure, Fresh & Clean

These are absolutely DIVINE! I can’t decide which one I like best. They’re completely different and are suitable for different seasons and different times of the day.

Soft & Dreamy reminds me of cosying up beside the fire in Chigaco surrounded my shopping bags, eating gingerbread and sipping hot chocolate. Fresh & Clean reminds me of Summer dresses and freshly laundered clothes whilst Soft & Pure is a great every day scent – I have yet to assign a memory to this one :)

I was having a look at the Victoria’s Secret Website and it appears that I am missing a few from the collection. Oh dear, now we can’t have that can we! *scribbles on wishlist*.

Have you any Victoria Secret recommendations? Make-up, beauty, fragrance?

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