My most wanted beauty items this month

I thought I’d give you a look at the items I have been wanting lately. Wanting and buying are two separate things so we’ll see what products I cannot resist. You understand right?! :)

Topshop Lip Polish in Melba

I was very excited when I heard that Topshop were launching a make-up range. I headed right in on the launch date and swatched everything.

For the most part I was very underwhelmed. I think the price in Ireland may have contributed to my general lack of enthusiasm. The mark-up in Ireland is much greater than in the UK, combine this factor with the euro rate and you end up with a drugstore type make-up range at prices that don’t suit the brand or quality.

One product that did appeal to me was Polish in Melba. The image makes it look very orange. In the store it looks more like a peach. I tried it on and really liked the shade and finish. I will be purchasing.

Have you tried any of Topshop’s make-up?


Stella Eau de Parfum

Yes, again. Stella my old friend is back on the list. I have just finished my fifth bottle. I don’t know why I don’t get bored of it. It has become the Amy scent over the last few years with my friends and family noting that anyone who passes wearing it ‘She smells like Amy’.

One would think I would need a change. The truth is I do think I need a change. I try lots of perfumes and end up buying new ones but not loving them as much as Stella.

What’s your current fragrance favourite?



MAC Prolongwear Foundation

Ok so I don’t have a good record with MAC foundations. Studio Finish Powder? Cystic acne breakout. Studio Fix foundation? Cystic acne breakout. Studio Sculpt? Ok, you get the idea.

And yet I find myself tempted to try MAC’s new foundation, Prolongwear. I still searching for that stay-put foundation.

That and I’m addicted to buying foundation. Ironically I wear very little foundation. Some days I don’t wear any and rely on concealer only.

What foundation are you wearing at the moment? I’m looking for inspiration.


What are you coveting at the moment?

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  • Emz

    I’ve recently started using GA Luminous Silk & am loving it so far – looking for my HG foundation before my wedding next Summer & hoping this may be it. Will test it’s longevity at a friends wedding on Thursday.

    I treated myself to Coco Mademoiselle Twist & Sprays this week – so handy for the handbag or overnight stays & a beautiful scent!

  • Katy

    Hi Amy,
    I actually bought the MAC Prolongwear foundation yesterday and even though its only my first day wearing it, i think i’m in love! It’s lasting so much longer throughout the day than any of my previous foundations and its actually cheaper than the Lancome one i normally buy so thats another plus =] Normally I have pretty clear skin though, so I hope that using this foundation wont change that, it would be such a pity! Love your blog, keep up the great work! =]

  • mommysuy

    my current fave perfume right now is by escada marine groove=)love sweet scents but not too sweet=)my all time fave is d&g light blue=)

  • Emma P

    Hi Amy,

    Not tried Stella but quite fancy it. My “signature” perfume is Ralph by Ralph Lauren (the green bottle) although I’ve not been wearing it for the past couple of months as my plan was to wear it on my wedding day but I’m toying with the idea of buying a brand new one – either Ralph Lauren Romance or Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb but I’m not sure and I’ve only got 4 days left to decide! Have you tried any of the Clean Perfumes? Heard a lot about those too.

    Liking the new look site too – keep up the good work!
    Emma xx

  • Jessica

    Hiya Amy,

    I love LOVE Sheer Stella, reminds me of Paris in Aug 07 when I got engaged :)

    One suggestion about the website is the RSS feed reader- I read the feed on my phone and yours refresehes every time I open it saying all posts are new, and doesn’t show the whole post in the feed reader. It won’t stop me from coming to your site if it did show the whole post, I just feel like other beauty blogs have different reader systems that are a lot easier to use.
    Don’t mean to sound like I’m criticising, do love your site!


  • Edda

    I have the same problem witch MAC foundations (and Nars products!) – they brake me out horribly. But I recently tried the MAC Face and Body and I have been loving it ever since! It might be because it’s water based but it gives such a nice finish and a ‘not too flawless but still very nice look’ because in my opinion there is nothing more artificial than a full coverage makeup for everyday. My skin is beyond perfect though and I get breakouts often but the Face and Body makes me look natural and balances out redness and uneven skin.
    It’s perfect for people who don’t wear a lot of foundation.
    I also tried the Revlon Colorstay Active one, since I love the original Colorstay and wanted the waterproof one for clubbing and stuff, but it’s really thick and heavy (I got it for rather cheap on ebay US because I am from Germany and normal Colostay costs about 18 Euro over here).
    But Face and Body is definitely a recommendation!
    xx Edda

  • Andrea

    Just bought the too faced natural eye palette… dying to test it out!! I swear by MAC foundations… especially studio sculpt… so may give this a try!! Really wanting to try NARS turkish delight, and Bare Esc, Buxom Lash. New Vera Wang scent Glam princess is gorgeous!!

  • maxine

    i’m so tempted by that foundation as well, but i just know it will never be as good as diorskin forever. that stuff stays put! x x

  • Isha

    I understand when it comes to overpriced makeup. I live in Canada and even our prices are comparably ridiculous. I have acne mostly around my chin area and the only thing that i found actually worked was water! And drinking 8 glasses a day haha. Im actually considering purchasing MAC face and body foundation. I heard from my cousin that its great!

  • Deanne

    Hey Amy,

    I picked up a sample of the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and have been using it for a few days now. I really, really like it! It gives really good coverage (which I need!)! It’s also lasts really well. Most foundations “disappear” on me during the day, or look cakey if I touch up.

    I’ll definitely be purchasing it once it’s released here in the US.


  • Boo

    I’ve still to find that holy Grail I swear by mac but it’s melts off my face in work and I HATE that grrr :( I mite go back to kiddie ardan and see if it’s changed since last time I used it n it’s more readily available !!! Xxx have to say prefer the old page the new layout is a but lookin which I hate :( sowi xx

    • Amy

      No problem at all – sites still under development. Would you mind letting me know what you don’t like? Thanks a mil! x

      • elaine

        i like the new layout! and i’m still looking for the perfect foundation too :)

  • Lorraine

    Just got givenchy’s play perfume in the pink bottle today its lovely. and the packaging is class. Also got armani code perfume too, have been wanting that one for a long while though :-)

    • Amy

      I have yet to try a givenchy perfume! Armani code is in my collection, sexy!

      • Lorraine

        oh do i definitely recommend having a smell of it anyhow either the pink or purple bottle. as i say its packaging too is really eye catching :-) i picked mine up in debenhams cos there is a sale on this wk.

  • Amina (innerbelle)

    loving the new layout – i really want to try pro long wear maybe that’s what I’m going to buy on my next visit there. I actually really want the new Laura Mercier one – it looks amazing for the winter time

    • Amy

      I was thinking the same thing!!hee hee
      Glad you like the new layout, still getting used to it.
      Few more changed to make me thinks :) x

  • Beth

    I have recently picked up MACs pro longwear :) I’ve got a review on my blog if you fancied reading it! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Stella, never tried it though, I’ll definitely have to remember to test it next time haha!
    – beth x

    • Amy

      I popped over to your blog Beth, thanks a mil :) x

  • PP

    I love Make Up For Ever face and body .

    Just bought my second bottle in no 38 (not opened yet) but now i have come to the realisation that it may well be this that is giving me ‘Cystic acne breakout’ :( :( :( :(

    I thought i had it cracked and found the right pale foundation for me. Im so sad and upset that this might be why im all red and sore and bumpy on chin, forhead and neck line.

    so now i am back to painting in my neck to stop the ‘tide lines’. going to see if face will celar up and then try a bit of the new bottle

    • Amy

      Oh nooooo!! I hate when you find something you like and then it destroys you face. Not what you expect when you part with your hard earned cash!
      I used MUFE face and body all the time on clients years ago when I first went into make-up. Hmm, maybe it need a re-visit. Let me know if you try and new bottle and whether your skin breaks out again. Maybe you could use a different foundation every other foundation :) Best of luck!

  • jules

    I’ve been addicted to Chanel Mademoiselle for 5 years and yes, I do need a change as well. Nothing seems to smell as good, though….maybe I’ll try Stella now! ;)
    As for foundation – whenever I have a bad day or feel like treating myself I buy a new foundation and for the most part they either break me out or aren’t as good as I expected. I’ve got Clinique Hide the Blemish and Revlon Color Stay on my most wanted list right now…

    • Amy

      Ah Mademoiselle, I adored it! Gorgeous for Winter. Your making me want another bottle.
      Keep us updated on what foundation you go for :)

  • Jo

    I love these posts, they just make me want to shop though! I’m wearing Chanel Vitalumiere and loving it so far. Also just bought the new Nina Ricci perfume which is lovely. Love your blog :) xo

    • Amy

      Now you see comments make me want to shop haha I have yet to try vitalumiere, now I must! Your fault!! :)
      Oooh and a new Nina Richi perfume? Now I have to go to Debenhams and test it.

  • Elle

    Haha that is so funny about Stella (which is an amazing scent, by the way). People do the same to me with Coco Mademoiselle, apparently anyone who wears it “smells like Elle”. The new MAC foundation has also caught my eye, but unlike a lot of people, I tend to do quite well with their foundations so I’m definitely going to be giving it a go.

    • Amy

      You lucky thing – no breakouts from mac! Keep us updated on the results :)

  • AlannaB

    Fun!! I want so many things it’s ridiculous. Think I’ll be putting them on my Santa list though haha

    • Amy

      Ah santa lists :) Can’t wait!!

  • Michelle

    I feel the same about Topshop make-up. Just bought Thierry Mugler’s new perfume and I likes :) MAC foundation breaks me out everytime so I’ll be passing on longwear.
    Enjoyed this amy, thanks :) xx

    • Amy

      Enjoyed reading your comment :) x

  • Aine

    This is such a fun post. Please do these more often :)

    • Amy

      I will Aine, thanks :)

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