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My New Short Hair… finally!

As you know I had my hair chopped off in early December. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I cried for a solid 24 hours after the chop. I know that sounds a little dramatic, I didn’t realise how attached I was to my long hair.

I had hundreds of requests to show you some photos of the cut and I kept putting it off. The time is now :)

Here are some photos of me in Chicago (5 weeks ago)

After 9 hours in the airport…


Squinting in the Estée Lauder make-up chair at Macy’s, Water Tower…

And the back (styled it myself and made a mess of it)…


Scoffing gross airplane food, but scoffing it regardless…

Here is how it looked last week (one month on):


I’m in a state of hair grief but I don’t hate the cut.  After a month of growth the shorter layers became much easier to manage. If I could turn back time I would still get it cut to this length but I wouldn’t ask for such short layers. At least it looks healthier (I’m reaching now!).

What do you think? Be gentle :)

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  • Kate

    I think that the short hair suits you more than the long. You look really pretty:))

  • Amanda

    AMY i love it! It makes you look older I think :) And i’m sure your hair appreciates it too!

    I’ve been a fan for such a long time, and now i’m making my own videos, wanna check em out!?


  • eva

    i really like it! maybe even more than long? It suits you. You’re lucky- both suits you!

  • Jackie

    Amy, I for one LOVE the cut and style. You look adorable AND gorgeous at the same time :)

  • Sarah

    It looks beautiful! And it isn’t short, it will be shoulder length in a matter of weeks I should think. Looks thick and healthy too :)

  • mary

    i love your cut, amy! i just recently had my hair cut too- had 4+ inches taken off the bottom and alot of short layers at the crown to give me some volume. i like it, but it’s been harder to adjust than I thought it’d be- i got too used to the long hair. so i feel your pain!

  • Annette

    You are lucky that your face suits both long or short hair equally well.

  • innerbelle

    omg this looks soo cute i love it im contemplatin whether i shud go for the chop!1

  • Emily

    Its gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing:)

    Dont worry if you don’t like it – hair grows!

  • deepika

    omg, it’s adorable! it looks more fun and younger than long hair! no crying allowed

  • Sara

    I like it..and it suites you well. Choppy, edgy..its really cute.

  • Jo

    It’s really lovely. Keeping in mind that shorter, healthy hair looks so much more classy and pretty than dried up strands, it’s an improvement, love!

  • Ash


  • Beccy

    no need to cry! it looks lovely :)

  • Brandi Stagg

    I think it is beautiful on you!

  • Redlass

    You drama queen! It looks great. I think its even nicer than with the extensions.Makes you look really fresh faced and funky.

  • mariga

    I love it, much younger, fresher, funkier (not that you didn’t look great before). Hair is such a personal, irrational thing though.

  • Lorraine

    Very pretty, really suits you!
    And just remember hair grows :-)

  • Aneela

    I think u look gorgeous honey :)
    dont be sad.
    it suits you :).. its really lovely

  • Heather

    You’re hair looks fantastic – it is so flattering on you, lovely :)

  • Alma

    sorry forgot to mention that really suits you in the latest photo. xxx

  • Marina(Makeup4All)

    Oh, honey, I actually like how it looks like now! x

  • Alma

    have this haircut in my mind for ages now, and i am so terrified of change. But I know that after doing it, its such a relieve. I compare the hairdresser experience to the dentists one :)

  • robyn


    I think you are beautiful! I love your hair! I’ve been toying with the “bed head bob” for a little bit but i’m not ready to cut. I used to have my hair short all the time and grew it out and i’m a little attached but I’ve been semi-obsessing with cutting it. I think you look fantastic, long or short hair. You totally pull this off!


  • Stacey

    I think you look gorgeous! You really suit it and I really like how you have it on the aeroplane picture. I envy your guts to go for a change, it definitely paid off for you.

  • Ashley

    I think your hair looks really good that short I wish I could cut it like that. I love that cut.You look good with either short or long. :)

  • sweetlikejelly

    Looks lovely. I’ve been considering a big chop myself but your story of srying for 24 hours is putting me off!!!!

  • Orla

    I love it, when i read the first sentence and saw you cried for 24 hours i was expecting something horrific when I scrolled down but its so nice! xx

  • Lieenie

    Oh I got a similar cut recently I recommend the Babyliss Big hair it’s amazing for styling the choppy bob. It’s a big self rotating brush & hair drier in one. I loved the style when the hairdresser did it but couldn’t style the back myself until I got my big hair.
    I defiantly recommend giving it a bash less damage than blow-drying then using a straightener :)

  • Victoria Evans

    To be honest..It looks absolutely lovely!:)Really great cut and suits your face shape.I cut my hair quite short recently too and love how easy it is to manage and in my opinion looks great with cute hair clips and headbands.

  • Gyudy

    I cut my hair two years ago: I hated it so much that since then I only went to cut them once, barely allowing the hairdresser to touch them! I love my long hair, but now I realize that sometimes a nice cut is good: now I know which is the limit, and I think that someday I will take courage and cut them again!
    Don’t worry: you look wonderful! I understand how much you miss your long hair, but you will think about this cut in a positive way soon!
    Hope you have a great day! ;-)

  • Saoirse

    I really love it! It looks really cute, and very stylish. It’s a change, but definitely a very, very good one :)

  • Becky

    Oh my god, I love it! It looks so tousled and layered and flicky, in a really really good way! I like the way it can be sophisticated, or casual, or trendy. I’d actually do that myself if I didn’t have curly hair and a fat face :(

    Honestly, I know it must have been a shock and you will have missed your long hair, but it looks wonderful :)

  • Roseanne

    Amy it looks gorgeous, it really suits you, it definitely looks in better shape too(:


  • Julie

    Its really lovely, Amy! I always grow my hair long and then decide to get it cut short for no apparent reason. Its always a shock when its first cut, but worth it!

  • Anna Saccone

    Wow! I think it looks gorgeous!! Those were my initial thoughts as soon as I saw the pictures, before I started reading! I think it makes you look so sophisticated and it’s not really that short! It probably just feels that way because you’re so used to it long! But it suits you so well, and it looks SO healthy! I’m jealous!! <3 <3

  • Ellie

    Aww Amy I love it, I think it’s gorgeous :) xx

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