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My New Short Hair… finally!

As you know I had my hair chopped off in early December. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I cried for a solid 24 hours after the chop. I know that sounds a little dramatic, I didn’t realise how attached I was to my long hair.

I had hundreds of requests to show you some photos of the cut and I kept putting it off. The time is now :)

Here are some photos of me in Chicago (5 weeks ago)

After 9 hours in the airport…


Squinting in the Estée Lauder make-up chair at Macy’s, Water Tower…

And the back (styled it myself and made a mess of it)…


Scoffing gross airplane food, but scoffing it regardless…

Here is how it looked last week (one month on):


I’m in a state of hair grief but I don’t hate the cut.  After a month of growth the shorter layers became much easier to manage. If I could turn back time I would still get it cut to this length but I wouldn’t ask for such short layers. At least it looks healthier (I’m reaching now!).

What do you think? Be gentle :)

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