My NYX Jumbo Pencils

I have recently started using the few NYX jumbo pencils I have as eye shadow bases. I thought I would share some thoughts and swatches with you.

I will definitely be picking up a few more whilst in the US this week so all recommendations are welcome!

I have five in my collection. Please excuse the state of them, I haven’t got a sharpener that fits the heads at the moment. They also get really mucky thanks to the white packaging.


Left to Right: Milk, Strawberry Milk, Pot & Pans, Yogurt, French Fries



Left to Right: Milk, Strawberry Milk, Pot & Pans, Yogurt, French Fries

As for which sticks to pick up in the US, I was thinking of Horse Raddish, Lime, Dark Brown and Bronze.

NYX is a little tricky to get a hold of in Ireland at the moment but I heard a whisper that this may change soon, we’ll see. As soon as I know, you’ll know :) Flair Beauty Supply in Finglas stock NYX but not the entire range. The last time I was in there they had nothing exciting. They seem to stock the basics to sell to salons.

In other news, I’m on my way to Chicago this afternoon, Blog posts will be up as normal :)

Have you tried NYX pencils? Do you have any favourite NYX products?

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  • Fran

    Blackbean is a must! I love these, use them nearly every day! You can either order them from or if you don’t want to risk customs try, which stocks loads of NYX products, that’s where I get all mine from

  • Marie

    NYX Jumbo Pencils are the only bases I use. I LOVE them! I have all the colors but the ones I use the most are Purple, Lavender, Cherry and Horse Raddish!

  • Jen

    NYX is a great brand. I love quality and the price of their eye pencils and eye shadows. I’ve found the easiest place to find the whole line of NYX is at Ulta. Have fun while you’re here :) Ooh! and don’t forget to visit Sephora! Kat Von D has some new eyeshadow palettes too. *HUGS*

  • Tracey

    Oh brillant, I never knew about that shop Flair Hair & Beauty in Finglas. Will have to check it out next week for the NYX products ;) Ive never seen NYX products. But I assume a Benefit Pencil Sharpener will work? I had the same problem with a Benefit Eye Bright and non of the standard sharpeners would work. Had to look around Debenhams/Arnotts to get one. Since your going to the States, im sure you can pick one up there (or even NYX brand one).

  • robyn

    i love gold, lime and the black one-maybe called black beans?

  • Jo

    You must try Iced Mocha! It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous bronze/taupe that goes beautifully with blue eyes.

  • Jenny

    These were on my wishlist this Christmas! Here’s to hoping! Yes NYX, is incredibly hard to get a hold of this side of the Atlantic. As an American, I feel like it’s a loss of privilege. So far, I’ve only managed to find one small perfume shop that sells a very limited range of NYX and if sometimes I get lucky on a rummage in TK Maxx.

  • Annie

    they look really nice- might have to get some when im in the states next. I’m just wondering why you go to chicago? you dont have to answer I was just wondering why there in particular :) have a nice day x

  • Joy

    They’re not that easy to find here in the US. I live in Los Angeles, where NYX is headquartered, and the only place that sells them is Ulta.

  • sarah

    my fave is iced mocha, really good as a base for neutral shadows

    nyx have a uk website now but it is not cheap

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