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My Perfume Order finally arrived!! – Banana Republic Classic Edt

My FragranceX order finally arrived. I could launch right into a moan session but more of that later. The fragrance I was waiting on was Banana Republic Classic.
One word – j’adore!
This is predominantly a clean, fresh and light scent with citrus top notes. I have heard others say that it reminds them of freshly laundered clothes and a crisp breeze. It has respectable longevity, not amazing, but acceptable for an eau de toilette.
This is a real all-American fragrance  – it takes me right back to sipping coffee on Michigan Avenue and watching the world go by.
The drydown is a little masculine – green with sandalwood, which I happen to love. Then again, I have been know to dabble in men’s fragrances – Diesel For Men makes a sexy perfume, ladies often ask me what perfume I’m wearing. It has just a hint of masculineness.
When describing fragrance I find clothing comparisons useful :) If this perfume were an item of clothing it would be a classic mac. Simple, chic and can be worn anywhere.
I ordered my bottle from FragranceX for under $15 for 30ml. House of Fraser in Belfast wanted £40 for the same bottle.
Robbery I tell you!
Anyway, I can’t really recommend FragranceX since they took 7 weeks to deliver the perfume. It was cheap, but it came at a price. I would be a little hesitant to order from the again. When I tweeted after six weeks to say that I had not received my order, so many  people responded with similar complaints. A few claimed never to have received their order at all.
In fairness to them they are quite transparent about this. I knew when I ordered that my order would be shipped via unregistered post, but seven weeks from the US to Ireland? Come on!
I’m in love!

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  • http://a Lorinczi Z.


    Couldn’t find the contact email address, so I am asking about this as a comment.
    I would like to advertise on your website, please tell me if it’s possible and how much would it cost. Would like to start immediately.

    Best regards,
    Zoltan (

  • Meila

    Loved this :O

    • Amy

      Thanks Meila :)

  • Michaela

    This was a fun post :) I like! I love buying perfume but I rarely use it. Completely ridiculous I know haaa

    • Amy

      Haha I understand the addiction! :)

  • Nadia


    have you ever ordered from They are a US based drugstore/beauty store website that sometimes has amazing deals on beauty products including perfumes and makeup. They ship worldwide to most places and their shipping is reasonable. I get my orders in 2 days as I live in the US but I heard they have known to ship within a week to international customers.

    Hope that was helpful. Take care and I love your vids. (You should do OOTD vids on your youtube channel.)


    • Amy

      Thanks for letting me know Nadia, I’ll take a look :)
      I’ll do a little outift of the day video soon x

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