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My tanning Issues

Ok it’s that time of year. I am gone beyond pasty with no sunlight in my near future. Now if you’re one of those ladies blessed with beautiful fair skin that stays that way all year round, I’m well jealous. At least you have skin tone consistency, so much easier to work with.

I am not so fortunate. My skins darkens quite a bit in the Summer and then fades gradually ’til February, when it can’t possibly fade anymore. The contrast between July and February is ridiculous. None of the make-up I bought works on my skin anymore. That aside, I look a little anaemic.

It has left me wishing that I had the sort of fair skin that doesn’t tan. I can’t seem to work with the colour of my skin at the moment, everything looks wrong. Every smidgen of discoloration seems more noticeable. I am so tempted to try a bit of St Tropez into my  moisturiser but I dare not go down that path. If I start, there will be no stopping me. My tanorexia days are done.

As you may already know, I was once a Winter self tan addict.  I needed a support group to ween me off the dark stuff. I haven’t touch the tan bottle in almost a year and am happy about that. I don’t miss smelling like biscuits, stained bed sheets, dealing with streaks or smelling like a rubber glove for a week. But I do miss the fresh face!

With Spring on our doorstep my commitment to the tan ban is waning. Must. Stay. Strong.

Are many of you relying on tan this season?

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