My very first compact mirror

Yes, I am 26 years old and I have never owned a compact mirror. How is  that possible you ask. Simple, I just never look when I’m re-applying make-up.

I’m not a fan of re-applying make-up. I don’t mind lipgloss but I don’t cart extra make-up around with me. When I do need to bring extra, huge breakout, tried eyes etc., I bring creamy products that don’t require precision.

Be prepared for some tackiness

I bought this mirror purely for the prettiness/tack factor. Now all I have to do is remember to put it in my handbag. When I change handbags I always leave things behind in the previous bag, it’s such a bad habit. It means that when I did out my handbag of choice there is always some random goodies in the bottom that I had forgotten belonged to me.

Anyway I’m going to see if I’ll actually use this or just forget that it’s there.

It makes me wonder – do many of you carry a mirror?

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