My very first compact mirror

Yes, I am 26 years old and I have never owned a compact mirror. How is  that possible you ask. Simple, I just never look when I’m re-applying make-up.

I’m not a fan of re-applying make-up. I don’t mind lipgloss but I don’t cart extra make-up around with me. When I do need to bring extra, huge breakout, tried eyes etc., I bring creamy products that don’t require precision.

Be prepared for some tackiness

I bought this mirror purely for the prettiness/tack factor. Now all I have to do is remember to put it in my handbag. When I change handbags I always leave things behind in the previous bag, it’s such a bad habit. It means that when I did out my handbag of choice there is always some random goodies in the bottom that I had forgotten belonged to me.

Anyway I’m going to see if I’ll actually use this or just forget that it’s there.

It makes me wonder – do many of you carry a mirror?

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  • Sarah

    That is SUCH a cute compact! I am so terrible for carrying around compact mirrors in my purse. Lately I have been keeping a pressed foundation compact in my purse for touch ups if needed so I just use the mirror in there to apply lipgloss if I’m not near a bathroom. :)

    • Amy

      @Sarah That’s a great idea, maybe I need a compact foundation :)

  • Ciara

    I always carry one, but the problem is I never remember to check it.

  • innerbelle

    how did u survive woman, i carry a mirror and have my trusty ipod if incase i forget it lol

  • EranR

    I always carry one, it’s about the only thing I remember to move when changing bags! I like to know my make-up isn’t smudged etc before going somewhere and I’ve never been able to re-apply gloss properly without one.. it’s definitely my handbag essential.

  • lindsay

    Hi Amy!

    I use a compact mirror to put my make up on in the morning. Do you just sit in front of a big mirror? Because I need to see up close! I have one in my bag too but I don’t use it much. xx

  • Alyson

    I have so many compact mirrors but they never seem to make it to my bag! My compact has a mirror on it so I use that if I need to reapply anything, failing that I just use my phone!

  • Erica (madameir)

    Your new mirror is so cute! I do carry a compact mirror. I’m always paranoid about checking if theres something in my teeth.

  • robyn (beaniesmalls1)

    Hey girl! I think your very first mirror is cute and fun! I carry waaaaay to much stuff with me. I weighed my purse at the store the other day and it was almost 5 pounds! woah! So yes, in the midst of all my 5lbs worth of crap in my bag is a mirror :)

  • Kaitlin

    I do.. I have difficulty putting on lip products without a mirror, I wish I could master the talent but sadly no. : ) I have a nice one from my grandma but I am afraid I will break it due to the huge amounts of junk I lug around with me on a daily basis, so I have a cute patient black one that comes in a little case, its perfect! I also do not carry around extra makeup.. we carry around enough in our handbag.. now add makeup to thank you lol. I do like the mirror even if it is a little naff, it adds to its charm!

  • Alethea

    Hi Amy. Your compact is very cute and girly-much like yourself :-)

    I have a silver compact but I don’t tend to carry it around with me. I would only bring it with me if I knew I didn’t have access to a mirror to put my makeup on. Tends to stay in my makeup bag at home, in wait of such outings ;-)

  • Matea

    I never carry a mirror in my purse although I always seem to need it. :) It’s just a habit for me not to have it on me. I probably should keep it somewhere at the bottom of my purse :)

    I love your blog and videos, I’m a huge fan!

    Greeting from Croatia! :)

  • Rosie

    I never bother with a mirror, I just use my phone.

  • Bianca

    LOL, I love it!!! :) I like those compact mirrors that are a mirror on one side and a hair brush on the other. they are not pretty, granted, but they are small and multifunctional ;)
    I get shiny skin around lunch time, so I like to use a blotting sheet and powder a bit. Apart from that, I’m not retouching either (except lippie of course).

  • Mariga

    Never! Bet it gets left in a handbag within a week!

  • lorraine

    yup i do. got my a hello kitty mirror in h and m a few yrs back.always have that in my bag and have a few normal ones floating around my room for when applyin makeup its handy if i cant get to a big mirror.

  • Raech

    I do! cannot live without a mirror in my bag or pocket I should say.. When I was in college, i never carry a bag, but in my pocket i have a small mirror, pen and mobile phone. Now, in my office table I have a mirror in front of me. That’s how vain I am.


  • Nancy

    As for not reapplying makeup, I’m the exact same. My handbag is too heavy without even lugging around extra stuff. Plus I’m worried about reapplying makeup on top of my face throughout the day (makeup, oil and pollution from the day + another layer of makeup…eeek!!)

    I never used to carry a mirror, but when I was in Korea, the kids’ parents I taught got together and got me a YSL mirror. Ever since then, I’ve been lugging it around.


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