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Nail Care

I gave up on acrylics this summer and it has taken 5 months to get my nails back into good condition.

I don’t like my nails long, but I do like them strong.

When I got the last set of acrylics removed I made up some nail oil using a carrier oil, Vitamin E Oil and a blend of essential oils which strengthen nails. It worked amazingly well, my nails have never been so strong.

If you are trying to grow your nails I would recommend snipping a vitamin e capsule and rubbing the oil into the nail bed.

At night I apply a nail and cuticle butter. I get dry skin at the side of my nails which looks pretty gross so I never go to bed without using my nail butter. I experimented with a few recipes before creating the right balance for the butter.

I also like Vaseline Hand and Nail Lotion (the pink bottle) But since I’m avoiding chemicals on the my skin, I’ve had to give this one a miss.

I have been enjoying taking care of my nails lately. It feels like time out for me. Taking care of yourself feels so rewarding :)

Do you have any nail care essentials?

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  • Shannon

    hi ann –

    i would love to have nails like yours. how did u get the sides of your nails to grow out so far???? that is my biggest issue and i want to know how u get the white part of your nail to start basically straight across the top of your finger. my white part starts low on the sides of my fingers!!!!

    would u mind please sharing your nail butter recipe with me??? could u also share the items in your carrier oil, vitamin e oil and essential oil mix. i would appreciate it so much!!!

    thank u again

  • Wright81

    I’ve been using Vitamin E on my nail beds for about a month and, even though they look healthier (very skinny), they are by no means stronger. Is there anything else you could recommend to make them stronger?

    • Amy

      I love Vaseline Hand Cream (pink tube) I rub it to bare nails in the morning and evening and let it soak in. Try a flax seed supplement too (makes skin, hair and nails gorgeous)

  • Nancy

    I never thought about using Vitamin E oil on my nailbeds! Thanks for the tip – mine are so brittle when they get longer…

  • deniz

    i love burts bees shea butter hand cream (the purple one) it smells fresh and is sooo moisturizing – and its like 98% natural! i have a bottle of the pink vaseline hand cream to get through, but after that, i am going to switch to burts bees. i also love their lemon cuticle cream. your hands and nails look great, btw!

  • Dee

    I saw your Vitamin E tip the other day on one of your videos, and just ordered some online yesterday because for some reason I couldn’t find capsules anywhere in the supermarket or any of my local chemists. My nails are terrible – they’re soft and they peel and break all the time. I have tried biotin, silica, Nail Envy, you name it. Can’t hurt to give Vitamin E a go. :-)

  • Claire

    I use cuticle butter and hand cream when I remember, I’m trying hard to get better. I get the same kind of dry skin around the nails which I end up picking at. I miss my nails, I had them such a lovely length which got ruined with my college course, but as I’m trying to grow them again I may take your advice with the vitamin E capsules.

  • MaquillageTalk

    Your hands and nails look gorgeous! I love Burts Bees Hand Salve and All Good Goop- an organic herbal/ lavender healing balm.

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