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Nail Care

I gave up on acrylics this summer and it has taken 5 months to get my nails back into good condition.

I don’t like my nails long, but I do like them strong.

When I got the last set of acrylics removed I made up some nail oil using a carrier oil, Vitamin E Oil and a blend of essential oils which strengthen nails. It worked amazingly well, my nails have never been so strong.

If you are trying to grow your nails I would recommend snipping a vitamin e capsule and rubbing the oil into the nail bed.

At night I apply a nail and cuticle butter. I get dry skin at the side of my nails which looks pretty gross so I never go to bed without using my nail butter. I experimented with a few recipes before creating the right balance for the butter.

I also like Vaseline Hand and Nail Lotion (the pink bottle) But since I’m avoiding chemicals on the my skin, I’ve had to give this one a miss.

I have been enjoying taking care of my nails lately. It feels like time out for me. Taking care of yourself feels so rewarding :)

Do you have any nail care essentials?

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