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Nail Polish Addiction

As I have mentioned before, I have become quite the little Nail Polish addict. I have always enjoyed nail polish but I have really been loving it lately.

I was bored last week so I decided to have a look at OPI’s website and drool :) I was expecting a list of their polishes accompanied by images so I was excited when I saw their ‘Try this colour on’ option.

An image of a hand pops up and allows you to apply every colour in their range. What’s best about it is you can change the nail length and shade of skin to see how the colour would look on your skin tone. I had way too much fun playing with this feature.

My OPI wish list is now ridiculously long!

Opi‘s website to try on some polish :)

What is your current beauty addiction?

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  • Stephanie

    I have a very bad nail polish addiction. Last year around this time I started doing my own nails in the course of 3 months I went from 20 nail polishes to around 80. I think I’m up to 200 now. It’s very bad but nail polish is so fun!

  • Kelly

    I’ve got such a nail polish addiction at the moment it’s unreal! Flickr is a great place to lust over nail polish colours. I’ve lined two of the best sites (in my opinion of course) on my blog.

    At least I’m not buying as much make up at the moment because of my polish obsession :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Kelly, I’ll check them out :)

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