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Nail Polish from Ebay – P2 & Essence

Ebay is a great place to pick up nail polishes. I have been buying OPI and China Glaze from the US through ebay for years now, I decided to have a look at some other brands.

Here is what I got…

6 Polishes from a brand named P2 (never heard of them but so far I like!)

L to R: P2 Rich and reval 208,  , Stormy 207,   ,Open Your Heart 045,

I’m loving these murky tones, they had my name all over them :)

I also got 2 polishes by Essence – a pretty taupe (shocker) and an unusual lime green…dare I!

I’m a Berliner 02

There are also some P2 Crackling polishes, which I’m looking forward to experimenting with, a top coat and a nail art polish.

They all came from the ebay shop allouchka BeautyFace

Swatches to follow :)

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  • Sammar

    Where did you buy the Essence nailpolishes from ? They’re limited edition and my local Dunnes/Penneys/Bradleys dont have them

  • Mary

    Yeah, these brands are so cool! We have got a wide range of their products here in Germany; the quality ist quite good although they`re so cheap. And the products are NOT tested on animals!!! :-)

    • Amy

      Thanks for the info Mary – delighted to hear they don’t test on animals!

  • Ulrike

    Hey Ami, p2 is a german brand. They sell really cheap here (just under 2€ a bottle) but I think they’re really good. Hope you enjoy them. xxx

    • Amy

      Thanks Ulrike :) x

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