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Revlon Purple Petal – Nail Polish of the Day

I have become quite the nail polish addict lately. It could be just one of my phases but I’ve been changing my polish daily over the past few weeks.


Today’s choice is Revlon Purple Petal. I’ll show you the colour before I do a quick review..


I love the colour. It’s the perfect shade of purple for Winter. It brightens up my day!

The product itself is quite expensive for a drugstore polish (€9 in Ireland) but it is quite a large bottle. The consistency is great and it is very easy to apply without making too much of a mess. I applied two coats. It also dried quite quickly.

The downside is the chipping. This polish definitely needs a top coat. I’ve been using quite a lot of Rimmels long lastin polishes lately and haven’t needed to use a topcoat at all. Not so with the polish.

I love the colour range Revlon provides but as for the longetivity of the polishes, I don’t think so!

What is your favourite brand of nail polish?

Amy x

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  • TiTiTam

    wow. really a nice colour.
    I love revlon nail polishes! they are very cheap but have a large variety of choices.
    I can’t believe it costs 9euros in ireland, it is insane. i know that in US n canada costs 4.99 us dollar. but in hong kong, the city i live in, costs only 35HKD(~3.5euros). and if it is bought from drugstores like boujour and sasa, it costs only 25HKD (~2.5euros).
    anyway, the colour is very nice, have to have it! thz for posting the photo and let me know the colour ;) THANKZZZ!

  • Laura

    I really like the Revlon polishes, haven’t seen this colour but will be looking out for it now! Gorgeous xxx

  • Elisa

    9 euros??? I can’t believe it! In most canadian drugstores it’s 4.99$ if not less. Revlon nail enamel polishes are my favorite!!! I have a lot of them and no chipping problem. I apply 2 coats and top it with my favorite top coat which is Rimmel Lycra 60 seconds top coat (which really takes only 60 seconds!) With the top coat it lasts me 4 days without chipping, without the top coat I have a bit of chipping after maybe 2 days but nothing really noticeable. I don’t think we are into the same colors (the only pink I use is on my cheeks!) but I think you would like Ice Spiced and Crème Brûlée. They are light and pretty and I love them! It’s a shame they’re that expensive in Ireland though, with that same money I could get an OPI polish.

  • Charlotte

    That colour looks more like pink to me :| never the less I think it’s gorgeous.
    I couldn’t get on with the Revlon polish’s, maybe I’ll give them another go.
    BarryM, China Glaze and a few W7 polish’s I find are my favourites.
    The Collection 2000 basecoat and ridgefiller is good, along with No7’s basecoat & topcoat.

  • Marta

    I do agree with Deb, basecoat does a huge difference in the longevity of the nail polish, I didn’t found the perfect one yet, I’ve been using the growth activator from essence (I’m an essence junkie xP) It’s not good as a base coat but it really makes my nails grow faster!

  • Marta

    I love essence nail polishes!
    They’re so cheap and the colours are very pretty.
    I have on Essence nº37 Most Wanted with the maximum wear top coat also from essence, I painted my nails a week ago and still no chipping!
    It’s a very cute metallic hot pink. It’s cheer so I nedded 3 coats but for 2€ a bootle is amazing!

  • Holly

    Purple Petal is one of my fave colours, gorgeous pinky purple! Revlon are great quality polishes, have you tried NYC nail polishes?They are really good quality and there are some fab colours, i think they cost around 3pounds!

  • desiiGirl87

    tht colour is defo too pinky for me, but its really pretty though!
    ive heard seche vite (think that’s how it’s spelt) is a good top coat. alot of the guru’s use it.

  • Bonnie

    I love revlon polishes. I do agree about the longevity of them but here in Canada they’re about half the price of OPI, ESSIE…and I love their consistency. Right now, for Christmas, I’m loving “get reddy”. It’s red with gold shimmer and it looks awesome on my toes, and I may try it on my fingers closer to the holidays.

  • Laura

    such a gorgeous color!
    my favorite brand is OPI :)

  • Deb

    Nice website! I follow you on Youtube. My favorite polish is OPI.
    I have found that if you want your polish to last you pretty much have to use a topcoat with any brand you use, basecoat as well.

    • Amy

      Great advice! What base coat and top coat do you recommend?

  • Jessica

    I love Barry M nail varnishes. :)

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