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Essence Very Berry Nail Polish

Today’s nails a  bit of a failure to be honest. The skin-tone on my hands has lightened considerably over the past few weeks rendering my favourite Summer polishes useless. I now have to dig through my mound of nail polishes to find some that will look look on my fairer skin.

Today I hadn’t the time of the inclination to undertake such a dig. I settled for a shade that has been in my collection for at least a year and that I have yet to wear – Very Berry by Essence.

Essence 03 Very Berry

Every time I glance at my hands I sigh, I actually hate this colour on me! In the bottle it looks like a berry shade but on my nails it looks cerise! As much as I hate pearly pink shades I hate cerise more. I have nothing against those colours, they just do nothing for me.

It cost about €2.50 so it’s no big deal but I really hate when I polish is an entirely different colour to what I expect from the bottle. I applied two coats over a base shade, with no top coat so I don’t expect it to last. That’s not such a bad thing today!

What nail polish are you wearing today?

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  • Amy

    Cheers Marlena :)

  • Sarahh

    Omg crazy
    your last 3 posts i have in commom with you!
    i went shopping the last day to tesco and i saw a special offer on the grapefruit fasewash so i gave it a go . ive only used it once but im just not gone on the smell.
    Last night i painted my nails in essence very berry. its different pakaging tho , its from the summer foot collection but i used it for my hands =P
    i like it its a rich rasberry on me. very nice for autumn =)
    and the nail polish remover, the quicksies , finished the box about 2 weeks ago. so happy absolutely hated it, the smell the slimmey feel everything!
    luv your blog!…
    love sarahh x

    • Amy

      Haha great minds think alike Sarah! :) x

  • Lana

    I love essence nail varnish, such good quality yet really cheap. this shade would prob suit someone with darker skin tone though x

    • Amy

      Very true Lana x

  • mommasuy

    really pretty=)
    red-ish nail polish is what im loving on my nails too now adays=)
    its revlon wine with everything&Tuscan sun=)

    • Amy

      They sound gorgeous!

  • Marlena

    I actually quite like it with your skintone but it does look different to the bottle :)

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