Nars Holiday/ Christmas 2010

I adore Nars, it’s  definitely in my top three brands. So here’s a little look at Nars Christmas Collection…

The collection includes:

Sex Appeal Blush – Soft Peach

Okinawa Trio Eyeshadow (LE) – Black Onyx, deep cobalt blue and lustrous silver

Melusine Eyeshadow Duo – Bright deep purple and pale silver lilac

Etrusque Singe Eyeshadow – Antique gold


Lip Gloss:

Downtown – Metallic pink lavender

Bougain Ville – Sheer pomegranate


Nail Polish:

Bad Influence – Smoky taupe

Pokerface – Lilac



Petit Monstre – Rich berry

Little DarlingNude beige

I’m liking the look of Poker Face nail polish, Little Darling Lipstick (could it be the new Gosh ‘darling’!) and Sex Appeal Blush (although it may be similar to a million I already have!).

What do you think?

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  • Lauren

    Where can you get nars products in Ireland?

    • Amy

      Hi Lauren – I will check with BT and get back to you. The shop that sold Nars is out of business now. I always buy online.

      • Lauren

        Okay Thanks

        • tys

          they sell NARS in BT on grafton street! they have the christmas collection in as well!

  • Lex

    I got the Melusine duo in the mail the other day and I’m a little disappointed. I’ve heard that it wears better than it swatches, but I have so many shadows that are similar colors. I think I may end up sending it back :-/.

    • Amy

      Thanks for letting me know Lex – you’ll save me some money haha
      Your probably best to send it back if you have so many similar

  • Karen

    I love the look of the Lilac nail varnish too and Little Darling Lipstick. I love NARS so much, the only thing I’m not mad on is the packaging. It looks gorgeous when it’s clean and new, but as soon as it gets dirty or anything, it just looks messy. That being said, I still picked up a good few NARS items from NY when I was there earlier in the year heheh

    • Amy

      You are so right Karen – awful packaging once it gets mucky!

  • Alanna

    Looks gorgeous! Oh my god I have such a weakness for nars. Collect their blushers :)

    • Amy

      Fabulous blushes!!

  • Kelly R

    Love the looks ok the lilac nail varnish and the gold eyeshadow. It would be an investment sure hee hee xxxxx

    • Amy

      A definite thoughts exactly ha ha

  • Bellydancer

    Sex appeal blush will be mine!!!

    • Amy

      Haha It looks so pretty!

  • Michelle

    Can you buy nars online?

    • Amy

      You can Michelle – don’t know if they deliver here though

  • Frankie

    Melusine looks gorgeous!! Little darling looks like so many other nudes though. Have you ever tried nars lipstick amy?

    • Amy

      I have never tried their lipsticks, they are so expensive! I might cave and try one, all in the name of blogging of course haha

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