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Natural Deodorants – What I’ve Tried

Although I’m an advocate of green skin care, I tend not to go for the green option when it comes to deodorant. I have tried quite a few natural and organic products so I thought it might be a good idea to share my experiences with you.

Most of us have heard about the dangers associated with ingredients in our favourite deodorants which contain aluminium and parabens. The skin is an organ so anything you apply to it will be absorbed by the body. Add an aerosol antiperspirant into the equation and you are also inhaling those ingredients into your lungs. This might not bother most people but I think I’m among a growing number of people who are starting to consider what we’re pumping into our bloodstreams.

Natural deodorants don’t stop you sweating but they are designed to prevent odour.

Here are some natural deodorants I have tried:

Déophyt’s – this one is an organic deodorant spray. It smells like essential oils. PHYT’s products are sold in salons around Ireland (and all around the world I think) – check stocklists. I had no redness, irritation or odour. It’s not designed to stop perspiration, just to prevent odour.

Dr Hauschka Deodorant Fresh – This actually works,  I liked it a lot. I came across it on Makeupalley (64% of users said that they would repurchase).

I bought mine from my local health shop in a set. I had no odour issues and even wore it for walking and the gym. The scent is very light, powdery and herbal. The downside is that it is very expensive (about €14), too expensive for me to rely on unfortunately.

Crystal Body Deodorant – Odour wise, this worked for me quite well on a day to day basis where no cardio was involved.

But I found it rough on my underarms, my skin is so sensitive there. If you’ve never tried the crystal deodorant it works by wetting the stone before each use and then roll it under your arms. I found  it a little messy and as it dissolved quite unevenly, jagged edges formed on the surface. Not for me.

Green People Aloe Vera Roll on Deodorant – This is an award winning product which is why I decided to buy it. It’s also highly rated in The Green Beauty Bible.

I liked this one but I found myself checking my clothes for perspiration marks on busy days. It was great for chill out days, not for days where you’re running around like a mad woman. No odour to speak of though. It was also very gentle. As far as I remember it’s suitable for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. (£7.95 for 75ml)

I hear good things about Uterkram Liquid Deo Crystal so I may try this one next.

Bare in mind that just because a product says ‘Natural’ on the packaging does not mean it  uses natural ingredients. Usually it’s the same host of lab made ingredients – ‘Natural’ is just the sales angle. Look for products that are certified organic or at state that they are aluminium and paraben free.

What I use now

The bottom line for me is that I have yet to find an amazing deodorant that doesn’t contain potentially harmful ingredients. I tend to use a natural one, at the moment it’s PHYT’s, on the days where I have no physical activity planned. If I plan to be out all day, at the gym etc I always use my trusty Mitchum stick.

This is hands down the best deodorant I have ever used. It might not be natural but I could be spraying aerosol antiperspirant and inhaling a boat load of it into my lungs.

Have you tried any natural deodorants?

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  • Donetta Fredette

    Great selection of gentle, affordable products,especially great for the winter months. I love your down to earth presentation. You’ve got great eyebrows too!

  • Natyra

    Have you tried Est natural deodorant from In Love With Body Care ?

  • Althea

    Cool idea for a blog post amy. I like the crystal but I too find it cuts the arms off of me :)

  • Jackie

    @ robyn – I started using Tom’s and it works well on days were I do nothing, but I feel if I do any sort of activity (ie even laundry) I feel like I need to reapply. I’ve heard good things about the Arm n Hammer brands as well as the Body Shop. sells “pit putty” that I’ve read great reviews about as well. Not sure about any of these being in Ireland though…but I thought I’d post in case it might help someone else!

  • Jennifer

    I have been trying the new Body Shop deoderant. Its reasonably priced, smells okay, and works fairly well (also, doesn’t stop the sweating, but seems to reasonably well without reappyling). But I always come back to the Mitchum Smart Solid too! I’ve never had anything that works so well, so whatever my good intentions are, its hard to switch!

  • robyn

    do y’all have Tom’s in ireland? Tom’s brand has all natural products. I have considered using it in the winter as i tend to prespire less but would probably need a full on deo in the summer months as it is soooo incredibly humid in my neck of the woods.

  • Delfina

    Hi, have you tried with simple baking soda? It may sound crazy, but I’ve always suffered from “emotional” perspiration and sometimes nothing would work: I ended up smelling like an onion two minutes after wearing a clean t-shirt. I read about the deodorizing properties of baking soda on an Italian forum about organic and green skincare and gave it a try. I simply put some on my palm and pass it under my arpits, like you would do with talc. It works wonders and it’s dirt cheap. Sometimes it can leave a whitish halo on fabric, but most of the times it doesn’t. My husband and I have been both converts for about a year now.

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