Natural Products Update

A few weeks ago I posted a piece about my natural bath and body experiment. For anyone who didn’t read that particular post, I started making my own natural, essential oil soaps and cream. Click here to see the post and some pictures.

I couldn’t believe the response I received, it was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks so much to everyone who gave me feedback, I was delighted to see so many people shared my views on natural skin care.

I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my skin since I’ve stopped using chemical laden products. My skin is no longer dry and the bumps on the backs of my arms are gone (as you all know by now).

The general consensus from you all was that I should sell them on my blog. Well this got me thinking. I thoroughly enjoy making my soaps and lotions. I could stand over a pot for hours, stirring and blending oils. It’s very therapeutic.

Thanks to all your encouragement I have decided to put my goodies up for sale on my blog. I am so excited about this. I love all of the therapeutic soaps I’ve been making (well at least the ones I have made again and again!) and they are now the only products I use on my skin so I am so happy to be able to share the love :)

Thank you all for your support and encourgement. I would never have thought to do this without you!

Amy x

Links to past video about my experiment:

Natural Aromatherapy Soap

Previous Posts on the subject



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  • jenni

    Im just ever so excited to hear this you have no idea amy!!! I have always suffered with those “BUMPS” you speak of all over my arms and on my cheeksalong my jaw line!! and i have tried everything and i mean everything to get rid of the so im excited to try your “miracle soap!!” So have you any Idea when this will all come to light??

    And thanks again amy for all your wisdom and all the times your videos or blog posts made me smile!!

  • Maxime

    oow i can’t wait. You know i’m gonna go amy soap crazy.

  • Karen

    This sounds fabulous! Can’t wait.

  • Brittany

    Oh yay! Congrats!
    I was hoping you would write a post about how to make them, but this is even better – you do the dirty (clean?) work for us! lol.
    Will you ship everywhere? I’m in Canada!

    • Amy

      Certainly will :) It’s definitely clean work haha

  • desiiGirl87

    can’t wait!

  • Bonnie

    So Exciting Amy! Congrats. I know your soaps will do amazing! Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future.

  • Sarah

    oh can’t wait to check them out, I love natural soaps, I have a few from lush.

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