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Natural Summer Skin Products

IMG_5726I was made for sunshine so I’m not even thinking about Autumn yet. There is still some Summer to be had! With that in mind I thought I would share some of the Summer skin products I have been trying out from Holland and Barrett.

I actually buy a lot of my body care products from health shops, thank you sensitive skin. I usually go for SLS free products too to avoid a KP breakout. When it comes to my face I can shop anywhere since my skin seems to be pretty hardy, good job given my line of work eh. But the skin on my body flares up if a chemical so much as looks at me wrong.


Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Skin Lotion | Love! Aloe Vera and I have had a long standing love affair. It just works well with my skin type. This cream is perfect as an after sun. You can feel it cooling your skin. I find most after-suns runny, this is creamy, probably down to the cocoa and shea butters. It’s not greasy at all. It also smells like a DKNY perfume so you smell yummy without having to spritz. Aloe is the highest listed ingredient too, so it’s there in a quantity that actually calms your skin. I will definite be purchasing this one when it runs out. I would use it all year round as a body moisturiser. (€8.29) The brand is also on Buy One Get One Half Off at the moment so that’s 2 of them for just over €12, I’m stocking up.


Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum | This beauty is a hair serum for frizzy hair. I am thinking of Monica from friends with her huge Barbados hair “It’s the humidity!!”. My hair hates humidity. I often buy hair products just for that purpose alone. This oil seals the hair cuticle. I found it also helped with detangling, I’ve even been using it in the girls hair after their bath. It leaves our hair shiny and it feels protected. I have to say that the bottle is pretty so would make a nice little gift. (€18.75 here)


Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion | This guy is organic and made for the body rather than the face. It’s made with macadamia and sunflower oil. There’s even some shea butter in there which I can only imagine lends to more moisturised skin and since moisture is key when it comes to fake tanning, this can only be a good thing. Now don’t be expecting St Tropez dark results here. We are talking natural and moistursied. It goes on almost like a suncream, smells that way too. Although it is creamy and takes a few seconds to work in, it actually dries in quickly and isn’t sticky. You know how much I hate fake tan smell, hits my gag reflex, but this smells yum. It’s only 150ml but a little does go a long way since it spreads so well. (€18.29 here)


I have also been sampling some Vita Coco Cocnut Water with Pineapple (€2.85) I have tried the orginal before and I wasn’t a fan but I have to say I do like the Pineapple version. Quite refreshing, especially if you aren’t a fan of fizzy drinks.

So if you are on the sensitive side don’t forget to check out your local health shop for skincare products. I have been very impressed over the years, far less duds than you find in Boots.

Right, I’m off to get started on photographing new make-up for my blog, loads and loads to chat about.

Has anyone found any products worth sharing from the health shop?


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