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Neom – One of my favourite brands!

You have probably heard me going on about Neom Luxury Organics before but they have swiftly become one of my favourite brands so I though I would spend some time rekindling my love of the products I have tried so far.

I feel I should point out that I haven’t been sponsored to do this post, it’s just out of good ol’ fashioned love for good stuff :) Unlike many of the products I find I haven’t come across cheaper alternatives to this stuff. Cheap imitations perhaps but I’d rather pay for the real thing and enjoy the benefits.

neom organics body butter


Neom body butter organics

 Neom Body Cream in Inspiration – This is divine! There is no other word for it. I photographed my tube when it arrived a few months back, there is now a tiny smidge at the end. A smidge I will savour. It’s indulgent and leaves my skin soft, supple and baby soft. Mr Amy always asks what perfume I’m wearing when I have this on. The essential oil blend is gorgeous. I bypass on fragrance if I have the cream on my skin.

neom organics hand cream

Organic Hand Cream – Complete Bliss, Moroccan Blush Rose. This is a smaller size than is sold on the site. It lasts AGES! It seems to go on and on for me. The first time I smeared some on I wasn’t sure about the texture, it’s a watery lotion, but when I rubbed it in I fell in love. My hands were silky, with no oily residue. This is a firm favourite. When I was in hospital I used it on my feet. I was sitting barefoot in a bed for ages so I liked to feel and smell nice. This leaves a gorgeous rose oil scent but the best part for me was the feeling as one foot slips against another. I have no idea why.

And now for the Pièce de résistance … their candles!

neom organics candle

The candles are the best I have come across. They are made with pure essential oils and come in different blends. No synthetic fragrances in sight.  They claim to burn for 55 hours and I have to agree. I had two on the go for months – I burned Harmonise in the evenings and Invigorate in the morning. There is not a screed left in them now. Every time I lit them the scent wafted through the entire house within a few minutes. I lit them until the wax melted to the edge then blew them out. The house smelled divine all day. There’s no need to leave them lighting all night for the effect.

These are the products I have tried over the past year or two (some of these I have blogged about already)

  • Harmonise Home Candle –  Pine, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus £39.50 Link
  • Invigorate Home Candle –  Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime £39.50 Link
  • Inspiration Body Cream –  Violet, Chamomile & Cedarwood £35 Link
  • Complete Bliss Organic Hand Wash – £18 Link
  • Sensuous Organic Body Wash –  £18 Link  (I shared this one already, it’s lovely and refreshing)

They have a Christmas candle at the moment which I am seriously considering. I seriously can’t rate the candles highly enough. Expensive but worth every cent. This is my go-to brand if I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself and want a real treat. You know those times when A body scrub from Boots just doesn’t quite cut it. Their products make me feel a million dollars.

Have you tried this brand?

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