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Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Visibly Clear Facial Wash

I bought myself a new cleanser from my local chemist last week – Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Visibly Clear Facial Wash. I have seen the advertisements for this product on bus stops around Dublin and the pinkness always catches my eye. I also love Grapefruit scented products, more grapefruit essential oil rather than sugary citrus.

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Visibly Clear Cleansing Wash

I love anything that smells refreshing and this wash is refreshing to the max. Texture wise it’s the same as most cleansing washes. I pump some into the palm of my hand, add a little water, lather and rub into all over my face. I then rinse well to ensure so residue remains.

I have quite reactive skin at the moment but I had no irritation as of yet. This may change with continues use in which case I will update this post. Otherwise you can assume that I’m still irritation free.

I had a little breakout on my chin and along the side of my nose.  The morning after my first night of use the little red bumps had dried a little and come to a head (ick but productive!) and within 3 days my breakout was clear. I do have to point out that this while this product would be great for girls with combination/oily skin that get some breakouts it probably will do very little for acne. It’s not an acne treatment so I wouldn’t expect much in that sense.

I would happily repurchase this in the future, especially since I can’t find my Vichy Essentuals Facial Cleansing Wash anywhere! I bought it for €4 which was quite surprising as I expected  it to be about €6 or €7.

What are your favourite Neutrogena products?

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  • Sara

    Ooh I may have to have this! Since I started using the normal Daily Scrub a couple of months ago my skin has been glowing. Spots definitely go away quicker as well. When that ran out I ended up buying the Pink Grapefruit one. Yummy!

  • kimberley rogers

    got it in tesco for 3.63e, smalls fab!!!

  • melissa

    Heyy Amy!

    Unfortunately I had an awful reaction to a Neutrogena face was (2 in 1 was and mask) so I tent to steer clear of Neutrogena in general.

    I love….Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel & and of course Cleanse & Polish by Liz Earle!




    • NiamhCurran

      I also had a terrible reaction to the 2 in 1 mask..i have VERY sensitive skin! I bought this a few weeks ago, i just loved the smell! I was worried i’d have the same reaction, but it was absoulutely fine! I love it! :) x

  • Daisy

    I LOVE the scent of this cleanser! Gorgeous. I always use this in the morning as it’s such a refreshing wake-up x

  • Maudy Mac

    Amy, does this remove make-up?? Whats the best for make-up removal? I have combi-oily skin with pores that are beginning to resemble craters!!!

  • jules

    I LOVE the smell of it! I used the Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub during the summer and was at first a little worried that it might irritate my skin but it was just fine – got rid of my oily skin and break outs. I used Neutrogena Spot Stress Control along with it which smells really fresh and has a very light texture…

    • Amy

      Completely agree!! :)

  • lyndsy

    love neutrogena hand cream! Can use in on ur hands or feet at nite & wear a pair of cotton socks. Wake up to soft feet in the morning!! :)

    • Amy

      Oooh thanks for letting me know, must try it :)

  • caitlin

    I purchased this stuff a few years ago….unfortunately the grapefruit in the wash can be very irritating to some skin, which was the case for me….horrible rash and breakouts occurred after 3 weeks or usage, it just got worse had to stop completely. I was disappointed because it smells lovely. But I hope it works for you! Best of luck.

    btw. Love you on this blog and youtube :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Caitlin :)

  • Andrea

    Thought it would be more expensive then that too. Need something to help keep the oil at bay during school. Thanks for letting us know :) xxxxx

    • Amy

      Not at all Andrea :)

  • Micheila

    I love this stuff too!

    • Amy

      Yay! :)

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