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New 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils from Urban Decay in Spring?!

From bright blue at the top – Barracuda, Rehab, Delinquent, Wasteland, Clash, Clinic, Mercury, Midnight Cowboy, Lit, Sin, Narc and Morphine, Barracuda, Rehab, Delinquent, Wasteland, Clash,

I heard a whisper last week that Urban Decay were releasing Shadow Pencils in the Spring. The shades are based on their top selling 24/7 liners.

You know me, you know I adore my Urban decay 24/7 eye liners. Imagine my excitement when I heard about the shadow pencils!

I use my UD liners as eyebases, eyeshadows and liners so I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these.

They are listed as $20 per shadow pencil, I’m not sure what they will cost in euros (more, no doubt!) but that seems a little steep. Maybe they will release mini sets. If so, I’m in!


Apparently they will be crease free and just as creamy as the original eye liners. Oh I’m excited. Now all I have to do is wait until Spring… are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I bet there will be killings for these!

What are your initial thoughts?

*Image from Makeup & Beauty


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  • Reme

    Hi Amy, I’m just wondering if you’ve purchased any of these yet? If so, I’d love for you to post a review on them! Thanks :-)

  • Adele

    Temptalia has swatches of them all and they look amazing. If they really are crease free them I can see my self buying a lot of these!

  • Eimear

    Wasteland, clash and clinic :D They look beautiful :)

  • KellyO

    I’m so exited about these too. I asked the superstash for xmas since at the mo i only have zero.
    Now I need to do some work! xxx

  • Sully

    These looks really good. Especially like Narc and Morphine. not looking forward to the price. but looking forward to the product. Really like the 24/7 liners. only issue i have with them is the softness and how easily they break when you use a normal pencil parer. I really should invest in an urban decay one!

  • EranR

    So much negativity! They look really great, I’m a fan of the liners as well!

  • irishgirl

    Haha see at last you are crediting your sources!
    You can stop making up your comments yourself next

    • Amy

      Wow! Tis early in the week and the festive season for that. Anyways, in reference to the comments – are you serious?! That’s a tad insulting to my readers and regular commenters.
      And the images for future reference and for the sake of transparency – if I use images from any other source I always credit them. Most of the images from my blog are either taken with my canon camera/iphone, sent by PR sources for consideration or are stock images which I have paid for. None of which need to be credited. On the rare occasion that images cannot be found and a blogger has shared information with me, I seek permission and every attempt is made to reference the original source (it can be tricky when hundreds of sites are using the same images)
      Now back to the point – shallowness about beauty products.
      Thank you and Happy Christmas!

  • irishgirl

    I’d say they would be rubbish if this is anything to go by

    • Amy

      Each to their own. I work as a make-up artist and use the liners on clients and myself daily, I love them. Many YouTube beauty guru’s also rave about them. Depends on what you’re after and what you like I suppose.

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