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New Carmex Mint – A Review

I know that like me many of you are addicted to Carmex. It’s a good-ol-reliable sort of product. I was happy to hear that Carmex have launched a mint version.

I got my hands on some last week and I’ve been using it every day. In fact, I’ve been smearing it on multiple times a day :) My lips are very chapped at the moment.

I really liked the strawberry one initially but after continued use I grew to hate the sweetness of the scent. Mint is a nice change. I would say that I do prefer the consistency of the pot version of Carmex rather than the tubes. Each to their own.

The balm contains 100% natural peppermint oil and also has SPF15. The menthol helps keep germs at bay and speed up healing. I sometimes get a little sore at the side of my mouth (my pharmacist tells me it’s from dribbling in my sleep…pretty). I used to have to shell out for a prescription ceramide cream to clear it up but last year I discovered that Carmex did the job just as well. I always wear lip products with spf in the sun – my mum has a scar on her lip from sunburn as a teenager so I have always tried to avoid that.

It costs €3.98 per tube and is available anywhere that sells lip balms – pharmacies, supermarkets, Boots… you get the idea.

What is your favourite Carmex? Do you prefect the tube, pot of stick?

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  • robyn

    i love carmex. i have a pot of it everywhere. one in my purse, one at my desk, one at home in my night stand. i love it!

  • shopcoholic

    oh I love Carmex! this is my HG lipbalm!

  • mariga

    Hmm, I’m not surprised you’re lashing it on so many times. The peppermint oil could well be irritating your lips (though it is anti-bacterial). Check out more info here: (this is a great resource for checking what cosmetic ingredients are REALLY doing for your skin – or not)

  • Eimear

    Yay, I love carmex and mint :3

  • Sarah

    I depend on the pot! I’v tried the strawberry one but it just felt like lipgloss on my lips.
    I love putting the pot on at night and waking up in the morning with super soft lips and i can still feel it on my lips! holy grail product for me :) x

  • Becky

    I quite like the original Carmex in a pot, but I keep going back to Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream cos it works best for me. Nothing else really does the job when my lips are so painful and dry I can’t even smile cos they won’t stretch that far!

  • Jeneille

    Definitely prefer the pot too!

  • Chloe

    i’ve only ever tried the original carmex but my jar is nearly all done:( and i prefer the pots too:P:L

  • Lolly

    Tried carmex before, dont like the sensation from it and didnt help my lips at all.
    So while in the chemist another day i happen to pick up la roche posay Nutric Lips. I apply it only at bed time so it can work while im sleeping and my lips have never been softer. think my search for perfect lipbalm is over :-)

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