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NEW | CC Illuminating Foundation & Eye Roll On from GOSH | Review


I know I have been a naughty blogger and haven’t posted in ages. I had some site issues combined with some holidays and well time got away from me. The good news is that I have been testing heap loads of new products in that time and have engaged in a spot of shopping, ok so “a spot” is an understatement but you knew that! I have a lot to share and have been preparing blog posts like the good little obsessive beauty junkie I am. So enjoy today’s makeup musings and I shall be back in the morning to tell you about an amazing lifting treatment and something called ‘the Cinderella effect’. Disney princess’s completely grab my attention.

Now, to the important stuff! IMG_1969

Is there a BB cream on the market that I haven’t purchased? Apparently not. And now I’ve reluctantly jumped on the CC Cream bandwagon. Ugh, I need help. However, some delightful Gosh products arrived a few weeks ago and I have been trying them out every since. I had share the CC Cream Illuminating Foundation  and Prime’n Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-On with you. Loves!

CC Cream Illuminating Foundation

First, the CC Cream. CC is short for Colour Correcting if you haven’t a clue what I’m on about. The idea is that you get cobverage, moisture and SPF 10 in one tube. It claims to even out skin tone and illuminate the skin. It contains light reflecting pigments that hide any imperfections, I’ll tell you whether I agree now in a moment. It contains anti-aging properties that claim to improve microcirculation in the skin.


When I fist applied this I was expecting something glurpy, don’t ask me why it’s just something I have come to expect from CC Creams. It’s nothing like that. It actually feels like a sheer foundation. Very surprising. It applies easily. There’s enough time to blend before it sets and my face didn’t eat up the product. That might sound nuts but occasionally I have had to use tonne of product to cover my face. Not with this guy. I used the smallest amount possible and blended with a flat top kabuki brush. I then went and applied a little more to the spotty and scarred bits, oh how I love them. The coverage is actually pretty decent. If you are expecting something akin to a tinted moisturiser like I was then this isn’t it. which is great for me. It covers well and evened out my skintone.


This product does has illuminating particles so although my skin felt like satin like after application, it did get sparklier as the day went on. It wore well for a CC Cream. I have combination skin at the moment and I didn’t get greasy or dry. I think it actually suited my skin type quite well. I should point out that I used it over my usual spf moisturiser and a primer and I also applied a sheer layer of MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural as  I’m prone to oily patches. It looked natural and skin-like which is important in my books. And after 7 hours it was still there, I could see the illuminating particles under artificial light. I did have the usual wearing signs on my chin and around a dry patch, but I get that with any base. I do wonder how it would work on dry or oily skin, those more on the extreme end. I might ask a few friends to give it a try too and update this post with the results.



A note on the packaging. I love the tube, easy to throw in  your handbag and zero mess. You can also control exactly how much product you want without waste. I wish all foundations came with a pump or in a tube! The price, at €13.99 is fairly decent, for Ireland anyway.  Especially when you consider that you are getting anti-ageing benefits, spf, hydration and coverage. As I mentioned, there are illuminating particles so if you don’t like that in a product that will be an issue for you, particularly as the day goes on.

There are only 6 shades in the line though. I have shade 03 Honey, which is about right for me this time of year, although a touch too ashy so try before you buy to avoid wasting your money. I just warmed it up with a bronzer. All in all a good CC Cream for daytime use; no grease, some spf, hydration, light feeling and sheer, light coverage. But if you are expecting a rich moisturising one, or one without sparkles – think Revlon Photoready, then keep looking.

Prime’n Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-On


This firming eye roll-on claims to be a perfect base for all eye makeup. If you test it on the back of your hand you will notice two things; one it does give soft-focus illumination and two, it makes your skin look plump and awesome. Apply it on your eyes and its difficult to see the effects right away but it does work for me.

Gosh-Primen- refresh-illuminating-eye-roll-on-review

The roller balls are cool on the skin so this helps bring down any puffiness I may have, which is a lot these days let me tell you. The primer is matt but silky, no grease or chalkiness. I have been using it on a daily basis before applying my eye makeup. My concealer goes on smoother and it provides hydration without making my makeup slip. Best of all, no sparkles. It also doesn’t have any preservatives or perfume so is less irritating on the eyes.  It costs €10.99 which might be pushing it a little but I likes! Both are available online at and at pharmacies around Ireland. Any fans of Gosh?

Amy xo


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  • maureen mouton

    Do you know of any foundations for light people (Irish) that DON’T have a yellow base? Need good stuff that will last, not drugstore brands. Thanks

    • Amy

      Hi Maureen, for the longest time it was hard to find a yellow toned one ha ha Most high end brands sell cool and warm toned. You’re looking for something cool or neutral if you don’t have pink undertones. What type of coverage are you looking for? Make up For Ever HD does lovely cool tones, medium coverage but leaves you pretty flawless if you have normal skin type, or combo. If you’re dry I love YSL Touche Eclat foundation, if very oily Make Up For Ever Matt velvet. My favourite is nars sheer glow but nars and bobbi brown seem to believe in yellow base so not for you. If you’re looking for something full coverage and aren’t dry have a look Estee Lauder Double Wear. Whatever you choose lash on a good moisturiser so your foundation glides on and doesn’t seep in and get patchy. Mac Fix+ is a god send to spray on afterwards and I love applying every foundation with a damp beauty blender, makes for a flawless complexion :-D

  • maureen mouton

    Do you know of any foundations with colors like the old Prescriptives brand?
    I am Irish/ Polish, with tendency toward redness & freckles. I’ve tried about every brand I can find- they all have a yellow base, which makes me look ill. The few with a peachy or rosy base are always way dark. Mabelline colors are decent, but no staying power. Willing to pay for the right stuff! I’m so tired of paying for products that make me look bad & having to top it with bronzers & blushes. I’m 54, too much make-up is not a good thing.

    • Amy

      Hi again Maureen, I just answered your other comment and am now seeing this one. If you are trying to keep the makeup natural I would highly recommend MAC Face & Body. It comes it plenty of cool tones and the girls in there will sit you in a chair and colour match you for free. You also get a huge bottle for the price, much larger than any other foundation. Ask them to apply it on you and have a walk around for an hour and see if you like the finish. I find when your thinking about skin as you get older that you really want to even out your skintone rather than layering on the makeup as you said yourself. It’s very sheer but makes skin look so beautiful. A tip when you’re buying one is to make sure it matches your neck, sometimes the face has redness but you don’t want to match that, rather match the foundation on your jaw so you can see if it blends in naturally with your neck. That way you’re the same colour all over :) I think you’re right to be considering spending a little more on something you can rely on and thankfully with that come the makeup ladies at the counter who will match your colour, they can even try a few different ones. And don’t buy anything until your happy :) By the way the boujois foundation with the serum is nice and light and fresh if you are looking for something cheaper. It’s not the same but pretty damn good for the price! Happy shopping!

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