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New Eyeko products – My first impressions

I’m back to share some goodies that arrived from Eyeko last week, as promised. I was very late to the Eyeko party. So many YouTubers and bloggers rave about their range so I’m chuffed to have the opportunity to try their products. Here is what I received and my initial impressions:

L to R: Vampira Polish, Tea Rose Polish, Posh Polish, Petite Polish, Coral Polish, Graffiti liners in Brown, Navy Blue and Purple

My first impressions

Vampira looks a tad scary to me at first glance. It’s described as a glossy black with blood red shimmer and that’s exactly how it looks in the bottle. It’ll be interesting to see how this looks on my nails. It looks a little gothic for this time of year.

Tea Rose Polish is just gorgeous. I have already done a blog post and swatch of this one.

Posh Polish is a taupe shade. I have yet to try this one but will report back with swatches when I  do.  To me it looks like am milkier version of OPI Metro Chic – which I love.

Petite Polish is described as a pretty pink lustre. I have it on my finger and toe nails at the moment. Although I like it, it’s very sheer so don’t expect pale pink nails. It’s similar to the effect you get from using a pink toned fresh manicure polish. I will post a picture of what it looks like on the nails this evening.

Coral Polish is well, a bright coral. It looks creamy and cheery. I’ll be giving this one a try this afternoon and will post some pictures.

I have tried the graffiti liner in black and enjoyed using it – until Poppy got a hold of it and chewed the lid to shreds. It made flicking out eye liner a doddle so I was excited to see other shades. I have tried the brown and purple and liked both. I think today it is time for some Navy Blue action. I’ll also post some photos and swatches of these.

All in all I like Eyeko as a brand. I like the quirky way they are packaged and love the consistency of the nail polishes I have tried so far. Other than liner, mascara (which I love) and polishes I haven’t tried any of their other products although their brightening cream looks interesting.

What do you recommend from Eyeko?

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  • innerbelle

    you know this is one brand that i keep wanting to try but never get round to picking something up – truth is though i havnt stepped into superdrugs in months and that is a miracle for me… might av to wait for pay day and have a lil splurge to make up for lost time haha

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @innerbelle I avoid superdrug for months and then go in and splurge, love it!

  • http://ilsejewels.wordpress.com IlseJewels

    No experience with Eyeko, but they seem to have cute stuff :)

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @IlseJewels very cute packaging

  • http://nicolettasbeautyspace.blogspot.com/ nicoletta

    They look lovely look forward to the reviews x

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