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NEW |Heavy Metal Loose Glitter & Adhesive from Urban Decay ♥ Photos & Review


I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame but I loathe mess. If you are a fan of glitter then you will love these new Heavy Metal Glitters from Urban Decay. The glitters came about when Urban Decay developed their Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive. The product held so well that they decided to work on loose glitters that would actually stay put.



There are 6 shades available:

  • ACDC bright purple glitter
  • Catfight pink glitter
  • Goldmine yellow-gold glitter
  • Loaded bright deep green glitter
  • Pyrotechnics iridescent glitter
  • Reverb bright, deep blue glitter



And for the swatches…


They are actually easy to use and give a full-on jewel encrusted look that lasts all day. The packaging is a clean and simple clear jar with a gunmetal lid.

Glitter and I have a love/hate relationship. I remember in my teens using Vaseline on my eyelids and patting on pound world glitter before the disco :) Bet I looked a holy show as my grandmother would say but I was happy holy show! And petroleum on eyelids…scary.

Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive


This adhesive takes the fear out of glitter. To be honest I wouldn’t go near this glitter without it. It’s light-weight which means you can’t feel it and if you have used other types of glitter adhesives you know that they often feel like glue. It rinses off with water so you don’t need makeup remover. The best part is that when you remove the adhesive the glitter comes off easily. There is also no alcohol or parabens in the ingredients list – important for products that are used on the eyes. It isn’t sticky or gummy as it wears very well.

The tube is gorgeous and has a sleek gunmetal finish. It has a nylon brush for precise application so you can use the glitter in the most specific of areas, even as a liner. Urban Decay mention it can be used ANYWHERE. Is it just my mind that goes straight to the gutter?! This stuff is perfect for body art.

Heavy Metal Loose Glitter costs €14/£10 and are on sale in selected Debenhams stores.

What do you think of glitter?

Amy xo

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