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NEW Lippies – Rimmel Moisture in Motion

EN5A4453This week I have been playing with Rimmel’s Renew Sheer & Shine Lipsticks. They are essentially a gloss in a stick! They remind of a very expensive Dior Addict Shine lippie I bought a few years back, but at a much better price point.


EN5A4461 (1)




200 Glow-rious Pink

300 Pink Rules

400 Good Mauve

600 Spin All Spring


The shades are quite vibrant  but translusent. They leave quite a wet look. I tried these a few different ways and by far the best result on me was to apply my foundation and use what was left on the beauty blender to bump a touch of it onto the outskirts of my lips. My own lips affected the colour in a way I wasn’t keen on so this way you get a truer colour.

I love a cream lipstick, I’ve never been keen on the sheer kind but these are quite nice, more pigmented that sheer shades usually are. If you’re after juicy looking lips in a finish that is light and moisturising then these fellas might be for you. If not then maybe have a look at their Hyper Saturated range.

Something I do like is that the lipsticks have SPF20 which makes them perfect for the summer and on holiday. Because they are sheer in texture they glide on the lips, no needs for a mirror since they aren’t opaque.

These come in at €8.30 each and are available now.

Any takers?

Amy xo

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