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New L’Oréal Colour Riche Nude Collection

Those of you who know me at all will know that I have a fondness for nude lipsticks. Not the pasty nude the drains the life out of you but the natural ‘I wish my lips were this colour’ shade.

I have a ridiculously large mountain of nude lipsticks that I couldn’t possibly work through in a life time. Yet here I am getting excited about L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Nude Collection.

There are only four shades in the collection

  • 306 Bright Cocoa
  • 105 Sparkling Rose
  • 106 Freshly Rose
  • 204 Beamy Plum

I can feel Freshly Rose and Beamy Plum calling to me. The lipstick don’t look very nude in the tube but when swatched they look softer than they appear.

They claim to restore moisture – so many lipsticks claim to do this yet I have never found one that does. I do like the idea that they contain a serum and I am also attracted to the duo layer, even if it is a gimmick. I’m fickle when it comes to beauty products, what can I say!

They are available in shops this month so I am heading to Boots to check out how smooth they really are and if they’re worth €13.19. Watch this space. Swatches to follow once I get my hands on them :)

How do you feel about nude lip shades? Do you have a favourite?

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  • Romi

    They test on animals, no a no-no for me..

  • emma

    My favourite nude lipstick is 17 for boots in Beehive , its really glossy and the perfect nude-pink :)

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Ah now Emma, now I have to check out beehive haha

  • http://jinjersnap.blogspot.com/ Jeneille

    I want them all lol but freshly rose and beamy plum look like the ones i’d get

  • Laura

    They don’t look very nude-ish

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      I thought the same, but they’re very sheer and nudes when applied

  • http://lovelygirliebits.blogspot.com/ Karen

    You must post a pic of the swatches if you can whenever you get into Boots :) I’m also a nudie lip person, have dozens, but my fave is from Sephora, it’s called romantic rose and its my “my lip colour only better” colour, gorgeous. Here’s the exact name, not sure if I can post links to it “Sephora Collection Lip Attitude – Glamour Lipstick in Romantic Rose 18” And thanks to you, I discovered No 7’s Beehive :) I got it in Dublin Airport on my way to Spain this summer and it was perfect for over there :)

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      I really have to get my hands on some sephora liners! I’m really liking no7 lipsticks at the moment. I pretty much hate the rest of their products though. Well at least they got the lipsticks right! haha

  • Orla

    The cocoa one looks like I will love. Like the idea of the serum too but like you am very sceptical about moisturising lipstick. They’re just too good to be true :( Looking forward to hearing what you think of them xxx

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      My thoughts exactly, prob too good to be true. Will update soon x

  • Mantha

    I really like the look of the two pink ones :) I’m a bit put off by the price though! Steep for drugstore!! x

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Ridiculous price isn’t too. Add a fiver and you have yourself a mac lipstick! Overpriced I suspect

  • Caroline M

    I’m not sure about nudes on my skintone usually but these look like wearable shades

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      That’s a good point actually Caroline,they are probably more wearable nude shades than most

  • Anya

    They look yummy!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      I hope they really are yummy!

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