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New Make-up Brush Favourites: Foundation & Powder (Blank Canvas Cosmetics)


As you can imagine I have collected quite a few make-up brushes over the years. I don’t really have any brand loyalty when it comes to tools. I pick and choose from each brand; some rather expensive and others cheap as chips. These two brushes from Black Canvas Cosmetics are amongst my absolute favourites for foundation and powder.


 Blank Canvas Hot Pink HD F20 Foundation Brush

How pretty is this brush! As a nod to the pink trend this season Blank Canvas have released their pro make-up essential in hot pink. I like!



It’s made of short, soft and lustrous fibres. It’s perfect for applying liquid or cream foundation. It delivers a HD finish and leaves your complexion looking flawless. It buffs the product into the skin so it doesn’t just sit there on your face. I found that it works with all my foundations, in fact it probably improves the performance and gives a kind of airbrushed effect. It also helps you avoid the masked effect.



This one will work for everyone but these type of flat topped, dense brushes work very well on mature skins. They’re easy to maneuver and makes it easier to apply product around the eyes and nose.

I used it this morning to apply my primer, bronzer and blush too, sure why not! I would imagine that the brush would work like a dream with mineral foundation. I have yet to try that but I’ll get on it and update.



It only costs €13.99 which is an absolute bargain. I like it just as much as any high-end similar brush in my collection.

  Blank Canvas Cosmetics F16 Large Contour/Powder Brush


Silky soft fibres and just the right density. This is a great contour and powder brush. I also use it for blush. It basically works with any powder based product. It’s made from high grade natural goat hair so it gives quite a natural finish. This means it picks up an even  but thin layer of product. It’s easy to enough to build up the colour if you want more. It’s great and it comes in at €17.99 which is fairly decent.

So there you have it, my latest brush favourites. The are available from ridiculous is it that one look at the pink brush makes me smile?!

Any new brush favourites?

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