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New Olay Regenerist Advanced Age-Defying Eye Roller – Review


Four weeks to younger eyes? I’ll give it a bash. Olay’s new Regenerist Advanced Age-Defy Eye Roller has made it into my skincare arsenal. What is it?

It’s basically a pen shaped applicator with three precision micro-rollers that massage the area whilst delivering a concentrated age-defying formula. It reduces puffiness and helps fight fine lines and wrinkles.

To release the product you click the back of the pen and massage the area. Simples.


The roller balls are very cooling – akin to using a spoon from the fridge. It brings down any puffiness fast. The roller gives the short term results of reducing the puffiness but also long term results by counteracting fine lines and wrinkles.  Now I will need more time to make up my mind about the latter but it works a treat on the first count. It’s said to hydrate the skin, contains age-defying ingredients and is rich in anti-oxidants to protect from free-radicals. Sounds good.

It costs €30.45 which seems steep when you compare it to similar products available at the pharmacy/grocery shop but since this one is not just designed for reducing puffiness but also for anti-ageing it’s an ok deal. I have also tried quite a few roller eye products and this one is the best I have come across. For me it’s the 3 metals rollers as opposed to one and the fine line reduction but there are days I reach for it just to reduce morning puffiness. For me, it’s worth it just for that alone.

What are your thoughts on eye rollers? Have you tried many?


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