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New: Pureology Highlight Styling Products Salt Free!

product_04If like me you have long coveted beach waves that aren’t dry and crispy then read on!

I have long since been a fan of Pureology haircare. Having tried a tonne of hair products ranging from dirt cheap to exorbitantly expensive Pureology remains my favourite brand. Needless to say that their new range Highlight Stylist led to much excitement.

The range is designed for highlighted hair. This means that are tailored to meet the needs of weak, porous hair that can lack radiance. It’s the first of its kind lightweight texture and highlight enhancers  create natural-looking styles. They leave you with reflective shine and keeps your colour looking fresh.

One of the reasons I like these products so much is that they are free from salt. That means so dryness or worse, crunchiness. Salt dehyddrates the hair and shortens the life span of your colour. They are also free from parabens and mineral oil.

Gold Definer Contour Shine-Gel

If you’re like me you probably wanted to stop reading as soon as you read the word  ‘gel’. I’m with ya, it conjures up images of cheap red stuff my brother used to wear in his hair when he went through his spikes phase at seven years old! Well this gel is nothing like the gels I have seen before.

It looks like a cream but has the hold of a gel. It’s perfect for blow-drying and left my hair soft. It also held my style for much longer and the following day I just did a little teasing at the roots and I was good to go! Because it’s designed for blondes it won’t dull your colour instead it brings out the tones of your highlights. It can also be used wet when mixed with an oil.

Sea-Kissed Texturiszer Salt-free Toussled Mist

I have been waiting for a product like this since I first tried a sea-salt texturizer. Since then I have tried quite a few and have not been happy with any of them. The main reason I didn’t like them was because they left my hair dry and dull. This spray does neither. It’s light weight, adds texture and not a hint of crispness. The following day I spritzed in some Indola Texturising Powder into my roots and it was perfect. I spritzed it into the lengths of my hair. Like every styling product start by applying a little, you can always add more but you can’t take it away.

Both products feature Strengthening AntiFade Complex and reflective porosity fillers which help fill in the gaps in the hair cuticle.

Like all Pureology products these are pricy. They come in at €19.85 each. For me they are worth every cent. I repurchase their Volume shampoo and conditioner over and over again. The also have a range for blondes called Perfect for Platinum which is worth checking out. The spray in particular is amazing- and I don’t use that word lightly.



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