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New Year’s Beauty Resolutions (Metro Hearld)


Happy New Year everyone! I thought I would post my New Years Beauty Resolutions which were published in the Metro Hearld before the bells tolled midnight. Like all things beauty I gave these a lot of unnecessary thought :)

The New Year is a time to make personal resolutions that have little of no chance of being fulfilled.  This time I’m going for the guilt-free option by making some beauty resolutions. The first one we all should make is to drink more water, it sounds boring but you will see a difference. Dry, flakey, irritated, dull skin is the result of dehydration. There really is no point in spending money on nice products if you’re primary problem is dehydration. You should also vow to bin all expired and unused makeup. As a guide bin powders after 2 years, concealers and foundations after 12-18 months , eyeshadows and liners up to 3 years and lipstick 2-4 years depending on the brand. Basically, if it smells bad lash it out.

Us Irish ladies are pretty awful at remembering to apply SPF. Think of premature aging and pigmentation, not to mention the risk of skin cancer. Use some under your makeup each day. When shopping for one avoid the suncream isle as these products are usually too greasy to wear under make-up. Instead look to La Roche Posay, Neutrogena, PHYT’s and Image Skincare. You’ll thank yourself in years to come.

My own personal vice is make-up wipes. These are the lazy girls best friend. Yes, they take your makeup off but there is no care, no radiance boost, no fresh glowing skin. When you find the perfect cleanser for your skin type you will never look back. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish changed my face so I highly recommend it, No7 also do a similar hot cloth cleanser. Another resolution worth making is to actually use the beauty products Santa brings. I have lost count of the number of gift sets I’ve left in the press until July. Maybe we should actually use them for a change. That being said if it looks cheap, get rid of it and save yourself the rash.

Any New Year’s resolutions this year?

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