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Night Divine! Viva Glam I

I recently picked up MAC’s lipstick in Viva Glam I. Two words, sex pot!


This red is not just any red. It has a deep, dark layer to it. It’s rich but cool toned (yay for Irish skintones!).

Even red lipstick lovers I know are a little intimidated by this one. Some swatches online make it appear lighter and more true red than it really is. It’s dark and bold.

For me, I need guts to wear it. But given the right mood, and the right lingerie under your clothing, it works. I best explain that statment – on an average evening where you are wearing an average dress and you’re feeling, well, pretty average, I sometimes like to add fancy underwear, just for myself. No one else need know but I feel much better about myself. On these rare occasions a lipstick like Viva Glam I is expected! :)



I always use a liner with this lipstick, usually a plummy red.  As it’s a matte shade it also benefits from a little dab of clear gloss on the pouty part of the lower lip.

Here is a little swatch of Viva Glam I. It is quite true to life but on my skintone the plumieness reigns.



My skin is in the middle of a breakout so I’ll be back later this week with a Face of the Day post whilst wearing this. Ok, well maybe a Face of the Evening would be more appropriate.

Would you wear a shade this bold?

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  • Dee

    I’m showing my age but I remember clearly when this first came out, and it was when MAC was fairly new to Australia. It was the first MAC product I ever bought and probably the most expensive makeup item I’d ever bought at the time (though I’ve well surpassed that now).

    • Amy

      I’m sure you have well made up for it now! :)

  • CaitlinFitz

    I got a really nice colour like this from Clinique – goes really nice with my fair skin :) x

    • Amy

      It’s funny that we always think we can’t pull off stronger shades with our Irish complexion because the right one can just look wow :) x

  • Lorna

    its a gorgeous color, but which was the other one you had mentioned a while ago?? i cant remember the name, i do remember that you had bought it on the suggestion of lollipop26???

    • Amy

      Was it by mac? Lollipop Loving was recommended to me by lollipop26 – it’s a very light sheer pink thought.

  • Orla

    Can’t wait to get this xx

    • Amy

      Well worth a look Orla, for something a bit different :)

  • Marina(Makeup4All)

    Hehe, I love the part about the lingerie. I can imagine sexy lingerie (and stockings), black dress and such kind of lipstick and the matching nail polish.
    I’d love to see you wearing this shade ;)

    • Amy

      I will post a pic… maybe without the stockings! ha ha x

  • Roseanne

    I have been loving red lips lately and i saw this on xposé the last day looks stunning, i would defo wear it.
    :) xx

    • Amy

      Glad you like it too :) x

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