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Nude Nails – Yay or Nay?

I have always had a strange aversion to nude shades of nail polish, particularly beiges and taupes.

As a teenager I won a nail hamper which contained 12 natural shades, I gave all of them to my friends. I couldn’t see the attraction.

Lately I have had a change of heart. I’m not entirely sure why, it could be something to do with the finger lengthening effect nude nails has on hands!

I bought OPI Sand In My Suit after hearing so many people rave about it.  I was intrigued when I saw the colour, it’s exactly the shade I have been wanting to try.

Ok, so pretty isn’t a word you would use to describe this super muted, soft, natural shade. But it is strangely elegant and ‘mature’, in a way that none of my other shades are. I think it will be a gorgeous sexy shade for the beach this year.

What do you think of nude polish?

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  • Carissa

    I love nude nails!

  • Roisin Erin

    Oohh I have that color on my nails right now.. But mine is covered in silver glitter! I don’t usually like nudes or light pinks, but I think it looks so nice with the sparkles :)

  • Suad

    Definitely Yay – but only for summertime! I find that nudes look good on tanned fingers, but quite “deadly” on pale winter skin :)

  • desiiGirl87

    i do like nudes,,but i’m of a darker skin tone to the usual pinky nudes,,so technically theyre not a nude for me..but i always wear them when i want a fresh clean kind of look.

  • Caoimhe

    I love nude nailpolish. and i have been soo wanting to try sand in my suit. where do you buy your opi? its pretty hard to find in Ireland.

  • Zoe

    I am actually a big fan of nude nails, some other options are Coney Island Cotton Candy by OPI which is more of a pink nude, also Blissed Out from the Warm and Cozy collection by MAC is a nice colour and it doesn’t blend into your skin as much.

  • Kelly

    I love nude nails! My favourite polish at the moment is Rimmel Beige Style. It’s gorgeous :)

  • FleurDeForce

    I think it’s a super chic colour! LOVE it! I wish OPI wasn’t so expensive in the UK though… was perusing the selection in Selfridges yesterday but at £10 each, I decided my money was better spent at the MAC counter! ;-D

    • Amy

      Amen Fleur! Haha Our money is always better spent at the mac counter! :)

  • arlene

    I’m afraid I’m a big nay on this especially if its a nude flesh tone. It just looks like I smoke about 40 a day when I paint my nails with those tones. Not pretty at all

    • Amy

      Agreed, some of the nude shades I tried made me look dead! I do love this one for some reason, it’s more a gold nude.

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