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NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains – Swatches & Review


I wasn’t not entirely sure how I feel about lipstains before. The idea of long-lasting lip products never really appealed to me, I’m too fickle for long-lasting. I have gradually come round to the idea and have been experimenting :)

Today I am talking about NYC Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains  which I have been trying out lately. I have three shades – 498 Berry Long Time, 503 Unstoppable Red, 490 Persistent Pink.


nyclips3498 Berry Long Time, 503 Unstoppable Red, 490 Persistent Pink.

I tried to take the swatch picture in the most natural light I could find for accuracy….

nyclips4498 Berry Long Time, 503 Unstoppable Red, 490 Persistent Pink

Here are some very rough swatches on my lips – very rough indeed! All are taken without lip gloss/balm…

berry2498 Berry Long Time

 red503 Unstoppable Red (award for most sloppy application goes to me!)

nyclips6490 Persistent Pink

My thoughts…

Application is cold and wet – exactly like you would imagine colouring your lips in with markers would feel like. I have experience with this, I tried to mimic my mothers makeup with my crayola’s as a child :) The fine tip of the marker means you don’t need lip liner.  You will definitely need a mirror to get the outline of your lips right. The downside is that because the product has no creaminess so you can’t move it around on your lips with your finger. Do not bring this one with you on a night out if you are planning on having a few drinks – imagine the application after a few Mojitos!

Pigmentation Good colour pay-off. Some shades are more pigmented than others.

Finish Dries quickly, completely weightless and with a matte finish. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any product on your lips at all. Note that there is no balmy texture, you may want to factor this in before you purchase. I found my lips were dry after wearing and reapplying all day. I needed a good dose of Carmex at bed time.

Staying Power Lasts well. Like all stains the vibrancy doesn’t last all day. As you eat, drink, talk etc it fades evenly throughout the day. On my the stain itself  was still visable later that day, although much lighter.  The swatches also stayed on my arm after wiping with a baby wipe and even after my shower the following morning.

Packaging Make sure you close the lid tight as I suspect these might dry out like ordinary markers if they’re exposed to air.

Scent Fruity.

Price Excellent €3.99 / £2.49 / $4.99

I would recommend these if:

  • you like lip stains but don’t want to spend €25 up on a high end product.
  • you would like to buy a variety of shades with your money instead of one expensive one.
  • if you’re new to lip stains, this is a good place to start.
  • you like darker, stronger shades – this is where the colours in this range really shine. The deep berry shades are really lovely.
  • lip stains are a passing phase for you
  • you want a weightless lip product that you can wear matte or add a gloss to.
  • you don’t mind the fading that comes with lip stains – they tend to fade evenly so it is not noticeable.

Have you tried these lip stains yet? What are your thoughts on lip stains in general?

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