In and Out: April

Here is my April  ins and outs. I’d love to know yours. Spill!


Video making: I’m feeling inspired lately. I have quite a few videos planned and I’m really looking forward to recording them.

MAC pro card: It has not been used in ages!  What is wrong with me? I have been perusing MAC’s website and compiling a shopping list. I’m having trouble narrowing it down… it’s to be expected.

Dabbing lipstick: I’m dabbing instead of smearing these days for a stained look. I want to look au naturale.

Sim 3: Addictive. I bought Professor Layton’s Curious Village but I’m useless at thinking outside the box so that was a waste of money.I wish that Bullfrog would re-make Theme Hospital. That game got me through the awkward teenage years. I also love Sims: The Urbz for Nintendo DS, I have completed it but I’m pondering starting again.

Re-decorarating: I can’t stop until my 2 story duplex resembles a country cottage.


Lipgloss: This goes hand in hand with the lipstick dabbing. The gloss is on temporary leave.

Not knowing what to wear: Damn unpredictable Irish weather. On the one hand I want to dress for Spring on the other hand  don’t want to get drenched. Pretty umbrella anyone?

Wardrobe clutter:  I’d love to pay for wardrobe weeding but figure it’s a little excessive during a recession. I should stop being so lazy and tackle it myself! I’m really bad at deciding what to keep and what to throw out.

Ebay: I am on an ebay ban. It was a necessary intervention. No Amy, you cannot pay €50 for a limited edition MAC eyeshadow that you didn’t want when it was in the store.

What’s your April in and outs?

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