In and Out: April

Here is my April  ins and outs. I’d love to know yours. Spill!


Video making: I’m feeling inspired lately. I have quite a few videos planned and I’m really looking forward to recording them.

MAC pro card: It has not been used in ages!  What is wrong with me? I have been perusing MAC’s website and compiling a shopping list. I’m having trouble narrowing it down… it’s to be expected.

Dabbing lipstick: I’m dabbing instead of smearing these days for a stained look. I want to look au naturale.

Sim 3: Addictive. I bought Professor Layton’s Curious Village but I’m useless at thinking outside the box so that was a waste of money.I wish that Bullfrog would re-make Theme Hospital. That game got me through the awkward teenage years. I also love Sims: The Urbz for Nintendo DS, I have completed it but I’m pondering starting again.

Re-decorarating: I can’t stop until my 2 story duplex resembles a country cottage.


Lipgloss: This goes hand in hand with the lipstick dabbing. The gloss is on temporary leave.

Not knowing what to wear: Damn unpredictable Irish weather. On the one hand I want to dress for Spring on the other hand  don’t want to get drenched. Pretty umbrella anyone?

Wardrobe clutter:  I’d love to pay for wardrobe weeding but figure it’s a little excessive during a recession. I should stop being so lazy and tackle it myself! I’m really bad at deciding what to keep and what to throw out.

Ebay: I am on an ebay ban. It was a necessary intervention. No Amy, you cannot pay €50 for a limited edition MAC eyeshadow that you didn’t want when it was in the store.

What’s your April in and outs?

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  • Aoife

    I haven’t thought about Theme Hospital in AGES!! Now I want to play it!! Damn it!! I can hear the receptionist now “Doctor required in inflation room!!” Fecking Bloaty Head men!! Theme Park World was another one!! Ahh Sims 3 is great though!

    @AllyG That is the most dangerous news my wallet has heard all week…..oh no!! Might go halves on one with the bf!! :-)

  • selina

    ohh i like these posts! i’m on an ebay ban too eek! but lipgloss would be an in for me as i’m only just forcing myself to keep applying during the day. once i do my makeup in the morning i don’t like touching up as then i just want to start over again!

  • Laura J

    I know what you mean about the weather I live in York in the UK and one day its sunny which means I can wear my spring floral dresses and the next day its freezing and raining so its back to the uggs!
    Last summer I re-organised my bedroom and the wardrobes and it took ages so I can understand why you don’t want to tidy the wardrobe but when you do you will feel oddly proud of yourself like I did.

  • Marta Rodrigues

    I love Theme Hospital! :)

    I don’t play it for soo long…

  • Lyndsey

    haha, your very welcome :)
    It’s a great site. Have a look at the coming soon section – Lipstick pens at only £1.00 each!!! They are so fab – I am going to get one in every colour!

  • Caitlink31

    in: sims 3 as addictive as ever! =]
    out: end of the easter hols! =[

    • Amy

      @Caitlink31 Boo Hoo :( Summer hols won’t be long!

  • AllyG

    yeah I loved Theme Park and Theme Hospital years ago, but if you have a PS3 like I have now you can buy Theme Hospital and download it and play it on the PS3, the exact same game as it was back then!!

    • Amy

      @AllyG That is BRILLIANT news!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Essjay23x

    Ooh, I just did a post like this for the end of March beginning of April. Highlights include, In, in, in is Viva Glam Cyndi as was MAC’s snob (which i adore) last month but now it is a out because I can’t find it anywhere. :-(
    PS Am going to try your lip dabbing technique

    • Amy

      @Essjay23x Off to check out your post :)

  • ciara

    i reeeeealy want sims 3, but my family Pc which is a few years old doesnt meet the specifications. im saving for a laptop, but i was just going to get a cheap €400 one, as im saving my pocket money. But i was looking and they dont have the requirements either :(

    what are your favourite DS games? i loved sims2 for ds, and i loved the mini-games on new super mario bros.
    also if you have xbox 360 what are your favourite games?

    • Amy

      @ciara For DS I love Sims Urbz, love love love! Like Super Mario Bros too. No xbox anymore, used to love sims for xbox. The character design section was the best

  • innerbelle

    haha i have the professor leyton i got stuck on it abt 6 months ago and since never played, tho, i have the new pokemon heart gold so wen i get the chance i shall plaY it, i always get hooked on pokemon tho but sims!!! i shud never be allowed to play that again, i could play my life away on that

    • Amy

      @innerbelle haha I know! I’ve never even considered Pokemon, which one?

  • Cassie

    Can I just say please record your planned videos with the effects on your “Beware of Impersonators” video please? :) x

    • Amy

      @Cassie will do :) Tonights video will be!

  • Vera

    I have one room in my house that I get to make look like a country cottage and we never use that room – the guest room. My husband doesn’t really like the style. I am on the fence as to whether to get Sims3. I have never played it – I stopped at Sims2 and I always have the urge to start a fake family and see how long before my house catches on fire and my baby dies (always happened to me). But I play WoW now so there’s really no time for other computer games.

    • Amy

      @Vera Never heard of that one! Oooh another addiction?? haha

  • Vivi

    Please do a haul of your mac stuff:)

    • Amy

      @Vivi will of course :)

  • Jenny

    I agree about Theme Hospital! Such a good game but my old one doesnt work..:(

    • Amy

      @Jenny Mine is scratched to oblivion, so sad :(

  • Lyndsey

    Amy, try, they have some beautiful Edwardian style Parasol’s for the unpredictable weather (they have one in Pink) for £14.95. They also have lots of country cottage style accessories for your duplex!

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey It’s like you were sent from heaven! I needed this information haha Thanks so much for the link!!

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