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Ooooh…Benefit Christmas Sets

Benefit Christmas collection time! Here is a little look….


Her Name Was Glowla

  • Coralista
  • High Beam
  • Moon Beam
  • 5 Shade Shadow Palette
  • Bad Gal Mascara
  • Life on the A List Gloss (full)
  • Fluffy/Angled duo brush

The Fab Lane

  • BADgal Lash Mascara
  • Hoola Bronzer
  • That Gal Primer

Beauty Wonderland

  • Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker
  • BADgal Lash Mascara
  • Sugarbomb

Beauty Be-bob

  • High Beam
  • Some Kind-a Gorgeous Lite
  • Ultra Shiners in Back to the Fuchsia Lip Shine

All You Need is Gloss

6 X 3ml

  • I’m with the Band
  • Almost Famous
  • Life on the A-List
  • Who are you Wearing?
  • Back to the Fuchsia
  • 24K

Some Beauty to Love

  • CORALista
  • eye bright
  • BADgal lash
  • That Gal

I think I’ll buy the Fab Lane in the US this December. My Hoola bronzer is on its last legs anyway.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Ann-Marie

    I’m just back from Vegas and I got the ‘some beauty to love’ set for $29 in Sephora!!! Such good value :)

  • Shell

    Any idea the price range on these sets?

  • Rachael

    Are these sets avalible in Ireland ? :)

    • Sarah

      check out brown thomas in Dundrum or any brown thomas near you :) havn’t been down recently but they do sell benefit. x

    • Kath

      They’re all available at Debenhams Henry Street :-)

  • Emma

    they look great though they are just so expensive here in ireland!!! wer are you going in the US this year?

    • Amy

      Heading back to Chicago – got a great deal!

  • Lieenie

    Wow these sets actually don’t have a dodge product. Usually there’s one thing that you don’t want but it’s in the set. These have all good things. Now which to choose…..hmmm…

    • Amy

      That’s a good point Lieenie – there’s usually a dud in the bunch

  • Karen

    I love Benefit’s gift sets so much, the packaging is cute :) Her name was Glowla has my name on it!

    • Amy

      I’m with you on that one Karen!

  • http://Twitter Sarah

    I already have Some Beauty to Love and i really love coralista and eeyebright but i’m not a fan of that gal

    • Amy


  • Geni

    I’m starting my letter to Santa right now!

    • Amy

      Haha I started my own yesterday :)

  • Ash

    Ohhh so hard emmm
    Beauty be-bomb (never tried high beam before , is already on my list, but a set would be much better)
    beauty woderland(refresh all my products)

    • Amy

      I’m the same – the set is prob good value if you were planning one buying one or two of the products in the set anyway x

  • Tracey

    i think i have last years “christmas” set…celebutante which is basically like the “Her name was Glowla”….which has been brillant for ski holidays and holiday to canaries…as well as weekends popping back to ireland.
    i have to say each week ive been in Sephora ive been tempted to buy this. However ive way too much makeup to use, otherwise I would have. Im suprised its not as popular as the Urban Decay Naked Palette. It has everything you need in one handy box, perfect for weekends and holidays (or even a special night out), especially flying with ryanair type flights. you have your brushes, blusher, highlight, eyeshadows, macara, lip gloss!!

  • Espiral


    I’m portuguese and I love Benefit. But in Portugal this make up brand is a little expensive. =(
    But I have a friend that will be bring me the set “Her Name Was Glowla” of the USA. =D (the price is 15 dolars less)

    (sorry for my english ^^)

    • Amy

      We have the same problem in Ireland – Benefit cosmetics are very expensive! I’ll definitely be waiting to buy mine in the US

  • Carla

    Beautywonderland! I would love to try sugarbomb :-)

    • Amy

      I would love to try it myself, it looks so pretty!

  • Aoibh

    I need to get the lipgloss boxset! :) Now we can actually start making christmas lists woo hoo!! :)

    • Amy

      I’m already all over it Aoibh haha

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