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OPI Burlesque Winter Collection

The OPI  Winter Collection is being released. It’s inspired by the movie Burlesque. I do so love OPI.

Here is a look at the collection….

Let Me Entertain You, Alls’ Big Break, Tease-t Does It

Simmer & Shimmer, Show it & Glow it! Sparkle-icious

Rising Star,Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On!

Bring on the Bling, Glow up Already! Extra-va-aganza

Available this month, although probably not in Ireland. I hear my Bundlebox calling again :)

What shades stand out to you?

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  • Bernie

    just wanted to let u no that you can buy the swiss colllection of OPI in Liberty pharmacy Thurles Co.Tipperary!!I would think ,and hope that they will be getting in the christmas one too !!they cost 12.50 pretty expensive but when u think about you get double the about of product when its compared to a rimmel nail vanish !!

    rimmel nail vanish 8 ml for around 6 euro

    OPI nail vanish 15 ml for 12.50 !!

    I’ll treat my self every once and a while and get one or two !!thanks !!

  • Katie

    I am loving the Sparkle-icious, not ideal for work really but perfect for the weekends! I got mine on, was pretty cheap, I also ordered the show must go on but was a completely different colour not pink at all more of a reddy colour so might stick to the sparkles! I like the look of show it and glow it….anyone tried it?

  • Alicia

    Hey Amy,

    Wow these are gorgeous. My favourites are Show it & Glow it! and Sparkle-icious. I like that most of the colours aren’t traditional winter colours (silver, blue, white) I get sick of those.
    If you get a chance, please check out my blog:
    I have a big contest going on at the moment and have a dare to wear challenge where I dare my subscribers to recreate a look I post.


    • Amy

      Thanks Alicia :)

  • Lyndsey

    My nail varnish addiction is becoming too hard to kick with some of these colours. How beautiful (and how much do I want right now!) Extra-va-aganza!

    • Amy

      Agreed! :)

  • Lina

    hi Amy,
    I do love ‘Color so hot it Berns’ from the OPI Siwss collection :)
    hugs from Germany

    • Amy

      So pretty!

  • Michella

    Wow, why do they have to release so many?! I’m afraid of shimmer/gllitter in nail varnishes but these look gorgeous <3

    • Amy

      I know – what are they doing to us?!

  • Lana

    OH MY GOD! Why do you do this to me Amy?? Now I have more to add to my ever-growing list ha ha!!!!

    • Amy

      Haha sorry Lana :)

  • Cici

    Love the look of the last 3 :) They’re different to anything I own. Where do you buy your opi varnishes from?

    • Amy

      I order from an ebay seller usually – sometimes I order from the website and have them shipped to my friends address in the US.

  • Ellie

    Love the look of The Show Must Go On! Not too sure about the shimmery ones though

    • Amy

      You’re a brave woman!

  • Jenny

    Love every single sparkley one :) Very xmass-y! How many more sleeps I wonder heheee

    • Amy

      I feel the same way…nightmare to get off though but so worth it :)

  • LiL

    I will not spend my money in this collection this time ! There’s too much glitters (and it’s always a big deal to take them away) on these and the colors are not very original.

    • Amy

      They are a nightmare to remove all right! I was always a cream nail polish person but lately I have been exploring shimmer so some of these shades have me drooling :)

  • Shannon

    I love OPI!
    I really like all these shades actually, although my favourites would be Simmer & Shimmer, Show it & Glow it! and Sparkle-icious. Love these three:)

    • Amy

      Me too :) x

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