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OPI Jade is the New Black – Starbucks Green!

One of the lovely Christmas pressies I received was a voucher for a local beauty salon (my favourite one!) So I booked myself in on Saturday and had a back massage, facial and a manicure. I’m usually choose pink or purple shades for my manicure but I was feeling a little more adventurous that day.

I chose OPI ‘Jade is the New Black’. Apparently it had been on the shelf for months and no one had ever chosen it. I popped into Starbucks to a cup of Awake Tea after my treatments and noticed that Jade is the new Black is the exact same shade as ‘Starbucks green’ :)


I love this shade, I will definitely be purchasing. They also had ‘Dating a Royal’ a gorgeous creamy royal blue which really appealed to me too. Uh oh! I need another nail polish like I need a hole in the head.

I always get my nails done at Jule Beauty Salon in Malahide. It’s my favourite beauty salon, it’s chic and has more of a day spa feel than a salon.

What is your favourite nail shade at the moment?

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  • Susan Gibney

    I love that place too :) I must live pretty close to you

    @Eva M most pharmacies are starting to do opi. They’res only a few shades but better than nothing ha, I know mccabes in swords pavilion has some as does health express in donaghmede.

  • Red

    Picked this shade for my toes when I was in NYC last September during a great trip. Looks great on pale skin. Looks great on your nails!

  • pearl

    i just got a new opi set called serena glam slam, there is a gold sparkling polish-simply smash-ing and a black polish-black shatter. basically you put on the first coat of gold: i found that 2 coats is needed depending on the effect you want, it must be completely dry before adding the black, and as the name says it shatters on the nail, you will def need a top coat to give it the shine to it, took me a few goes before i figured out how to achieve the look i was going for as im impatient and wont let coats dry properly, most salons should have it in now but hennessys beauty supplies it in cork, check out their photos on their facebook page hennessys hairandbeauty cork:

  • Lyndsey

    Love the colour and your manicure looks fab.
    I am currently having a slight obsession with China Glaze – Jitterbug!
    Although, I normally work a deep plum and burgundy nail colour in the winter, at the moment I just can’t stop using Jitterbug each week.

  • Alisa

    You really must get Dating a Royal. It is my favourite polish of all time. It’s stunning!

  • Aoife

    Is it really creepy that from those pics I can tell exactly where your sitting and in which starbucks? Or maybe I just spend too much time there myself. Loving Jade is the new Black. Don’t have any green polishes. This must go on the list.

  • Eva M

    Hey Amy,

    Just wondering if you knew anywhere in Dublin that sells OPI? I’ve never seen them about!!

  • Emma

    I picked up this polish last Autumn and love it! The wear is amazing it’s such a lovely, glossy finish! I often wear it with Mad as a Hatter by OPI…match made in heaven!x

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