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OPI Rising Star

I promised to keep the OPI swatches and reviews coming from the polishes in my haul so here is another :)

Today I reluctantly decided it was time to test Rising Star from the OPI Christmas collection. It looked the most terrifying in the bottle too me – an orangey gold so I have been avoiding it. Time to dig in…


First of all let me say that the coverage and application is flawless. One coat would have sufficed but you know what I’m like – I had to apply a second in the name of habit. Each coat dried in a few seconds to a creamy opaque finish.


The colour will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is slightly more wearable than it appears in the bottle. Bear in mind that I made this judgement based on my skintone. The orangeness of the gold brings out the pink tones in my hands (probably the only part of my body I appear to have a pink tone, the rest of me is yellowy).

I suspect that this shade might be very gorgeous on someone with darker skin than me (I’m NC25). I might even try it again when I have applied some false tan :)

This polish came in an OPI giftset with a gold bag and one other polish, Bring on the Bling – which I love (click here to see what Bring on the Bling looks like on my nails).

You can buy OPI polishes in selected pharmacies in Ireland and from

What are your thoughts? Would you wear this shade?


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  • Jean

    They have the cutest sets in my Salon Beauty Supply gonna purchase a set for a present

  • Kristin

    This color looks exactly like the baubles my mother used to have for the tree. Very interesting color for a nail polish. Might have to pick me up a bottle.

  • Boo

    Since uve bein talkin bout all theses polishes I’ve let my nails grow biting them is a disgusting habit n it was time to nip it in the bud theses posts have helped coz I can now paint my nails n they look all lovely so I’m not as keen to go back to my old ways :) tanx Amy xoxo

  • Karen

    It’d be nice with a bitofa tan I’d say, not a paley mc palerson like me hehe

  • Birminghamlady

    i would! it is very pretty!

    • Amy

      Glad to hear you like it :)

  • pimpernell

    ooohhh, I like that one!!! Hmm, doesn’t remind me of Christmas though, for that I prefer reds and greens :-)

    • Amy

      Not very Christmassy at all!

  • Michella

    I think your right it would suit a darker skin tone. I’m NC45 Think I might have a look at it xx

    • Amy

      It would def suit you better!

  • Ailbhe B

    I quite like it. Not very Christmassy though :)

    • Amy

      Not at all :)

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