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OPI Texas Collection Spring 2011 – What do you think?

OPI collections always evoke a bit of a dual response in me. On one hand, I can feel my blood pressure spike when there is talk of new shades (sad, but true) and on the other hand I dread it – the ‘need’ to add them to my collection.

I can practically hear my bank balance screaming.

I was recently sent the release and had a good aul drool. A new finish? Semi-transparent sorbet shades? Oh dear!

As it stands I am lusting over Austin-tatious Turquoise, Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em, Guy Meets Gal-veston, San Tan-tonio and I Vant to Be A-Lone Star. This is terrible news.

I love the look of Houston We Have a Purple but in fairness I own about 10 similar nail polishes. Equally, Don’t Mess With OPI looks beautiful but in swatches in appears similar to Jade is the New Black I was very good when the last collection was released and only whipped up two. This time, I can feel my self control slipping away…

I’ll be making my purchases and I shall return with swatches and my thoughts.

What shades appeal to you?

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  • Mary

    I picked up I Vant to Be A-Lone Star, and I love it. It’s lighter than CG’s Seaspray and has a slight shimmer that is so pretty. I think it’ll look even better now that I have a little tan! I think I may have to go back for Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em, it looks so pretty in swatches!

  • Roanna

    pretty colours! I just invested in another 3 colours of the Essence brand. I get the colour and go ones that dry really quickly since I can’t be bothered to wait! I’m currently wearing an iridescent turquoise, a bit like the one above…i tend to like strange colours or classic red… the above are really nice!

  • Tricia

    I tried Austen-tatious Turquoise and was actually disappointed! The sheerness is just, well, too sheer! I do want to try San Tan-tonio…but all in all, the collection in person wasn’t as exciting as when I first saw the ads.

    I did find a new Essie that is a PERFECT neutral for Spring—“Topless and Barefoot”–obsessed!

  • Pia

    Ooh, looking forward to those swatches :)
    It’s always a tough cookie to decide which polishes to get.

    • Amy

      I know, I’m very indecisive in generally – ends up costing me a fortune :)

  • Sasha Azanova

    I just recently bought Y’all come back ya hear? its sooo nice it has amazing staying power because its so thin but very bright. Its VERY orange but in a good way… its a colour you paint your nails when you are very tanned but also works on my pale hands :)

    • Amy

      Sounds DIVINE! Now I have to have it :)

  • Nikki

    pretty :) x

  • Amy

    Awww san-tantonio is beautiful!! I have to get that one!

    • Amy

      Imagine how amazing it would look with a tan!

  • River

    Nothing stands out to me too much actually. Although I am in need of a blue nail polish, and the dark green would be a nice change!

    • Amy

      I wish I shared your view on this collection – shouldn’t be spending money on nail products right now!

  • Sarah

    Hey Amy :) I’m loving OPI lately and have been purchasing it from some random salons that stock it but its quite expensive! I was wondering where you purchase from?? :)

    • Amy

      I tend to order from beautyzone2007 ‘ s ebay shop. I wait until I want 4-6 of them, then order, she charges about €4 -€5 for each OPI and €3 for China Glaze. My shipping is usually €15. I sometimes buy from other sellers shops too – if I only want one polish. The trick is to buy from the US ebay (enchantedbeauty I think ) and postage to Ireland plus one polish is usually around €6. Hope this helps!

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