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Organic Skincare: The Body Shop’s new Certified Organic Range

You all know that I’m a big fan of organic skincare. I find that it’s very hard to find a decent range. I’m happy to hear about The Body Shops Nutriganics range.

This range is certified organic and is designed to address the first signs of aging. Within the collection there are cleansers, toner, moisturisers and a deep cleansing mask.

I have embarked on a bit of research project. I am keen to find out what effects the chemicals we happily slather ourselves in have on our bodies. I have a little bit of knowledge in this area but not enough. My mother always says that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing so I shall be remedying that situation.

I hope more companies decide to jump on the organic skincare bandwagon, a step away from environmental illness can only be a good thing.

I’m behind any company that makes an extra effort. The Body Shop famously say no to testing on animals, use fair trade ingredients where possible and now products certified organic products. All aboard! These extra measures are reflected in the price of course, however the old mantra ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind.

I’m very excited about this range and look forward to giving them a whirl.

How do you feel about organic skincare?

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  • Monroe Hlastala

    Thx for information.

  • Jen

    I was listening to Spin FM yesterday and they mentioned Nutriganics in their tried and tested. They were raving about it, now have to get myself into the nearest body shop to try it out for myself.

  • Lyndsey

    Hi Amy, I buy it from Boots online as my local store is tiny and doesn’t stock it. I get the shampoo and conditioner, the weightless mousse and the anti-breakage serum in the whole line. It contains whipped egg white proteins – which I was a bit unsure of at first, but needn’t have worried as you don’t end up smelling like an omlette once you’ve styled your hair!!
    By the way, I found you on Youtube yesterday and checked out this site today. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great tips and I will join your facebook group later.

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey Ah you’re so good :) Welcome! Thanks for the info, will be trying the shampoo! :)

  • von

    i love organic products! I have the nutriganics foaming face wash and i really like it. i’d like to try the toner too, it smells like tea!
    most of the other products at the body shop contain harmful ingredients though…

  • Amanda

    Hey! I tried the eye cream, and love it :) Its very gentle and soothing, but about 3-5mins after you put it on there is a lovely tighening feeling! Let me know what you think if you try it.


    • Amy

      @Amanda Ooooh I need to try this :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Dorothy

    I’m all for organic skincare! :) I try to get as many organic products as I can. I used to buy lods from Body Shop, but now I’ve been converted to Lush. Many of their ingredients are organic, and they’re currently working on making them all organic. So yay for that! :) What’s interesting about this new Body Shop range is the “addressing the first signs of ageing”! At almost 28, it’s time for me to start thinking about that I think.

    • Amy

      @Dorothy The aging angle attracted me as well haha

  • Julie-Kim

    I like orgsanic skinscare and right now i’m all about burt’s bee but i try a sample of the face cream from the new body shop line and it’S REALLY thick but doesnt feel greasy or thick after a few second

  • Holly

    I bought half of the line last September and I wasn’t really pleased. The line isn’t bad, but it didn’t really do anything. Maybe the line is more for maintaining good skin. lol I had hoped it would have been better since it is organic. I am now using Reviva Labs products and I am really pleased with them.

    • Amy

      @Holly What have you tried from Reviva Labs? I’m intrigued :)

  • Bianca

    I might give this a try…although, I have always wondered what the story is now with The Body Shop since it has been taken over by L’Oreal. I never got that ….I mean L’Oreal test on animals and are kinda known for their use of chemicals in, well, everything! How do these two go together? And how has it affected The Body Shop, which used to be a company of high ethics. Does anybody know????

    • Amy

      @Bianca They still don’t test on animals. The ethics of the brand still stand.

  • Lyndsey

    I have recently started using organic skincare, bodycare and haircare products, and I can honestly say I feel so much better for it. You still have to be careful however that the organic product still does not have a high chemical content. I don’t know about the Body Shop line, but I will look at it.
    My fave organic line is Organix.It’s coconut haircare products are fabulous and my hair colour doesn’t fade as quickly as it used to with other brands which are meant to preserve the colour.

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey The coconut shampoo sounds great, where do you buy?

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