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Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum

I got my greedy little hands on Origins Mushroom Relief Advanced Face Serum. I was excited since this is a product for relief of redness, sensitivity and reactivity – three words I associate with my skin.

Apparently it’s a clinically proven formula so I have high hopes for this one. Two positive observations on first glance is that it has a dark glass bottle which prevents light affecting the ingredients – no plastic contamination either. Also, it has a pump which means no oxygen reaches the product to affect active ingredients.

It contains a blend of Chaga, Cordyceps Mushrooms ans Sea Bukcthorn (I can see you nodding in understanding, just like me). It’s also made without parabens, phythalates, mineral oil, Paraffin, Patroleum etc. Basically no bad stuff.

According to the instructions I must apply the serum to a clean face morning and evening. Doesn’t sound like too much work so far.

There is no leaflet so I’m going to have to pay their website a visit for more information. I’m not entirely sure I should continue using other skin care products at the same time.

This bottle contains 50ml / 1.7 oz but also comes in a smaller 30ml bottle. The 50ml costs £50 and the 30ml £41. It is expensive but hopefully it’s worth the dosh. I’ll get back to you on that one.

On the label it states that Dr Weil donates all his after tax profits to the Weil Foundation. Nice.

Have you tried any Origins products?

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  • Sharri Fioravanti

    Looks like a good article and supporting comments here. I would point out that others have made a different angle, especially in terms of natural health. Has anyone here seen more interesting related ideas on the Web, and could you point me in that direction?

  • pink flufff

    Ooh I’ve been eyeing this up as well. It is quite pricey bit you wouldn’t need to use much of it I guess. Must add this to my list!

    Origins products sting like mad! I have Never a dull moment and if that gets in your eyes then its time to meet my friend Pain! Also Modern friction stings like mad too!

  • Lyndsey

    My skin has been behaving terribly this last fortnight. Dry, cracked red patches and breakouts – yes, I know all very attractive!
    I was shopping for some TLC products when I found Origins Mega Mushroom, however, as it was a little pricy I thought I would try something a bit cheaper. (I am using Avene skin calming cream instead)
    I would be really interested to know if it is as good as it sounds though.
    p.s – Elaine, you can get it on for £41

  • Beautyjunky86

    I’m using the “A Perfect World” moisturiser and “GinZing” eye cream at the Moment and I’m lovin them, they’re the first origins products I’ve tried & so far I’m really impressed :-)

  • Elaine

    I adore Origins Dr A Weils products. They are amazing and paraben free and reasonably priced. But I can’t find a website that sells them. And their own website the actual Origins website doesn’t work and hasn’t for months. And there’s no way of telling them. So let me know if you have any luck.

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