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Outfit and Face of the Day

I just took these with my little crappy camera so they quality it not fabulous but thought I’d give you a little look. Spring is in the air so I decided to let the legs out of prison for the day.

PIC_1070I love this skirt and it was only €5. Yes, 5 friggin euro. Bargain! Thank you Penneys. The cardigan is from Awear, as is the white racer back top underneath. The butterfly necklace is from Penneys too.

PIC_1079Could there be a more ‘Amy’ pair of shoes in existence? I think not! I found these pretties in New Look last Summer. I love loud shoes, I do get funny looks though. Such is life!

PIC_1154And the face (whilst in PJ’s): Maybelline Dream Cream Foundation, MAC Satin Taupe on lid, Rimmel Intense under eye,  MAC Angel lipstick with Perfectly Unordinary Dazzleglass, Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara, Benefit Hoola under cheekbones, Bourjois Blanc Diaphane as cheek highlight. Oops, forgot to do my eyebrows.

What are you wearing today?

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  • JuliaGoolia72

    I found a pair of shoes today that made me think of you. Patent baby pink, round toe, chunkier heel–very 60’s mod. They came in baby pink and yellow. And I thought…”Amy”

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @JuliaGoolia72 They sound like they were made for me! Wow your good! hee hee where did you see them??

  • Zoe

    Hey Amy, you’re gorgeous :) Just thought you should know ;)

  • amanda

    oh, and to answer your “what are you wearing today” question……PJ’s! I doubt i’ll see the light of day today. haha

  • amanda

    you are SO cute! Love the whole pastel look you’ve got goin’ on today :) it’s super nice where I live too, but i have to study for exams all day. SAAAD! enjoy the sun for me!

  • http://vaguelyinvogue.blogspot.com/ Ms.Wedgie

    Ooooh, I love loud shoes as well! I say ignore the funny looks…they’re probably from people that are just jealous because they aren’t brave enough to wear them! :)

    Today i’m gonna be going with a rockabilly look! Skinny jeans with turnups; sweetheart neckline top; lots of black liquid eyeliner; MAC Petals and Peacocks lipstick and (I so excited about this bit) my new fuchsia Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes!! I love wearing new shoes for the first time! Sad isn’t it? LOL

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Ms.Wedgie Not sad at all! haha Love sweetheart necklines x

  • http://www.superficialgirls.blogspot.com superficialgirl

    Stunning as always! those shoes are fab!!!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @superficialgirl Thanks darlin! x

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