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Outfit of the Day & New Hair Colour

This is my first photograph of my new hair. It’s SO bright! Very Irish picture though don’t you think! Red hair, blue eyes, good aul’ Irish rocks and grass :)

And the whole outfit…

1.River Island 2. Mango 3. Pull and Bear 4. Kathy Van Zeeland 5. A-Wear 6. River Island 7.Claire’s Accessories. Skinny jeans are from Urban Outfitters.

I loved this bag as soon as I laid eyes on it. It’s by Kathy Van Zeeland, I picked it up in Chicago. I like to wear it messenger style for casual days like this.

Cardi is from Mango. I never liked it until now, the gruaig change has made this cardigan look better.

I love this scarf. It goes with so many things. To be honest I’m not overly concerned with whether stuff goes or not. I like a good clash sometimes.

The wooden bangle is from Penneys, I throw it on most days with other bracelets and bangles. The gold cuff is from River Island.

It was freezing today so a hat was necessary. This cute wool bear hat is so warm. I bought it is River island a few weeks ago.

What did you wear today?

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  • Billie

    Wow love your hair red!! you’re so pretty blonde but this colour really hi-lights your eyes. Very few ppl can carry off red, especially us pale girls but you def can!

  • Kiera

    Waw, your hair looks gorgeous, what product and shade did you use? x

  • kasey

    i absolutely love everything about this outfit. and your hair is great. that pic of u standing is amazing

  • Rebecca (PandaDoesMakeup)

    Eeek just seen your red hair, looks amazing on you :)

  • Brandon

    Lovely :P

  • Ana

    I think that red hair really suits you. And what I love the most is the scarf :) a very “Amy” scarf

  • Daisy

    This is such a striking and beautiful red! Really suits you. xx

  • Dorothy

    LOVE the hair and the outfit!!!! :D The items are all very well combined. Thumbs up! :)

  • Dee

    Gorgeous, gorgeous colour. You look amazing. :-)

  • Kerry

    Wow, your hair & outfit is awesome! All I wore today was my school uniform :( LOL! x

  • Esmee

    I love it!

  • Aliya

    OMG!!! You look amazing! The red really compliments both your skin and your eyes!

  • shelley

    OMG i love ur hair, i think its got character and suits u so much. Good for u. xx

  • elina

    you look stunning! love the new color. I am going to do mine red too!!!!

  • Monica

    you look so great with red hair!!
    You made a big change but it suits you.

  • Tricia

    Love the hair, love the outfit, love the sunny color in the shots (rare day, huh?!) love the Gaelic—really, I am becoming addicted to your site!

    You look fabulous!

  • nicole

    oh my gosh, LOVE LOVE AND LOVE !!!! its the perfect shade of red for you

  • Mimi

    you’re sooo pretty with red hair!!
    i knew you’re pretty but this time, way beyond more. perfect with your clothes and cute hat! love your style so much <3

  • Bec

    You look stunning! It makes your eyes pop.

  • Andi

    Love the colour change! Now I want to go red!

  • arianna

    it looks great!!! and your outfit is amazing!!! really pretty

  • innerbelle

    haha i meant bag not back lol wat was i thinkin wen i typed that lol

  • Greengirl251

    I FREAKING LOOOOVE your hair! I think the brighter the better! You pull of red so well!

    • Amy

      @Greengirl251 I’m glad you approve of it’s extreme brightness haha

  • Marina(Makeup4all)

    You are too cute! Love all the photos x

    • Amy

      @Marina(Makeup4all) Thanks Marina :) x

  • Stephanie

    that hair is amazingly striking on you :) i have that pull and bear scarf as well and am absolutely in love with it! been wearing it almost everyday since i got it haha. love the mish mash of bright colours in your outfit! x

    • Amy

      @Stephanie It’s an addictive sort of a scarf isn’t it!

  • hannah

    you look like kate winslet in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, (when she has the red hair)!
    i love this post btw. please do more fashion posts

    • Amy

      @hannah certainly will :)

  • Nina

    I’ve been enjoying your videos for quite some time now and I’m not big on commenting or making videos myself (I do rate though, at least something, lol).. But now I just have to say:

    WOOOW !!!
    SO awesome!! :)

    <3 to you from germany

    • Amy

      @Nina Thank you so much Nina :) It’s so bright you probably saw it all the way from Germany! haha

  • Amber

    I love your look! your clothes make me think about the movie love actually! Love that movie :D

    • Amy

      @Amber I love that film too :)

  • Aoife

    You’re so brave!! Totally paid off though. It makes your eyes pop. It’s fab! Cailín álainn!! :-)

    • Amy

      @Aoife Go raibh míle maith agat Aoife. I need to get more Gaeilge on here!! :)

  • Tali

    Oh my god! I dont know what I love more the hair or the bag or the outfit!!?

    Normally im not a fan of red but on you.. you really pull it off and make it shine. You wear it.. it doesnt wear you!

    • Amy

      @Tali Ah you’re so sweet, thank you so much :)

  • Heather

    You look gorgeous as a redhead–how could you ever have doubted it :) Love the outfit too :)

    • Amy

      @Heather haha I still have my doubts! Thanks Heather :)

  • Daivu

    Red suits you so good :) You look more edgy and trendy :) Loooove it :)

  • kerrie

    I like the red on u..! its dead pretty really brings out ur eyes. dnt go back to blonde yet thou, if ur stil unsure maybe go a darker red? like a deep auburn or plumy tone red? looks fab thou! Its nice to have a change i kno,i always get bored with my!

    • Amy

      @kerrie Jesus don’t tempt me with more hair dye haha a change is nice :)

  • Anna Saccone

    Wow!! You look absolutely stunning and these are gorgeous pics! I love your hair like that, your features are so striking! Beautiful!

    • Amy

      @Anna Saccone ah thanks so much Anna. You egged me on, I’m blaming you! :) x

  • Catriona

    Absolutely love ur new look. U have awesome style! :-)

    • Amy

      @Catriona thanks so much Catriona :)

  • Lorraine

    Fair play to ya for taking the plunge. The red looks amazing on ya!.

  • innerbelle

    wow very irish indeed lol im loving the hair the look the everything, that back is rocking! x

    • Amy

      @innerbelle haha thanks :)x

  • Lillian

    You look gorgeous! The red really suits you.

    • Amy

      @Lillian Thank you Lillian

  • Claire

    Amy – you look gorgeous! The arm really suits you. Good on ya for being so brave, it really paid off for you :)

    • Amy

      @Claire thank you, it was only a moment of braveness and then it was too late haha

  • Ais

    I really love the hair you’re seriously selling it to me.Im a blue eyed blonde too.. gaaah i don’t know,im a scaredy cat.
    Anyway love love love it .x

  • laurenrhiannon

    gruaig :) the only Irish Gaelic word i’ve heard so far that I recognise as if it were Scottish Gaelic..i’m assuming it does mean hair haha? You look lovely! xx

  • Lucy

    Love the hair (and the hat!) x

  • Trina

    You look great. The red is bright, but I think you really wear it well!

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