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amy_outfit_16dec09_01I bought this dress in Forver 21 whilst in Chicago. It was such a good bargain that I didn’t even bother to try it on. The fit isn’t amazing, it’s too wide on the shoulder, the seam on extends out. That’s what I get for not buying petite!

I have quite a long waist to I’m not sure if this dress shape suits me.I wore it with some furry boots and a cardi because it is freeeeeezing!! (I wanted to wear some ballet pumps but that would be ridiculous in this weather). I bought the boots in Claires in Chicago (Aurora outlet) for $21. I wish I had bought another pair!

What are you wearing today?

Amy x

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  • Brittany

    So adorable! Love that outfit. The dress looks really great on you, Amy! You look lovely.

    I can’t see the whole boot – but from what I can see, they look great!

  • jess

    Loving your blog

  • Jess M

    Cute look :) I love the christmas tree, its gorgeous! oxo

  • Bianca

    I wish we had a forever 21 here in Ireland too! :'( You look cute in this. Lovely tree !!

  • Niamh

    21 is my fav shop in states always buy loads when im there!

  • http:// jennibheag

    how cute!!! looks really cute!!

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