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It has been a while since I last posted an outfit of the day. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m usually rushing somewhere and also because I rarely remembered to take my camera. Not any more. I have an iphone now so I have no excuse!

outfit of the day zara

Yes – No make-up! Aaaaaaagh!! I was heading out for breakfast and decided that barefaced with lipbalm was the way foreward… what was I thinking?!

Anyway, back to clothes! My skirt, t-shirt and cardi are from Zara, tights are dark grey from Penneys, as is the belt and my boots are from Schuh. I’m just noticing how see-through my skirt is in the sun light. Makes me think about the fact that I wore this skirt all summer with bare legs, I was probably flashing and lady garments to the world :)

What are you wearing today? I love hearing what people are wearing. In fact some clever person asks that question regularly on my forum and I love reading the daily responses.

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  • heather..

    heyah were did u get the boots.. been on the look out for a pair like them for a while i love them!!

  • mommasuy

    supa cute outfit!!!=)mi love

  • lyndsy

    Hi Amy, Going by your style ideas i think you would love the Autumn/Winter Pull & Bear Collection. I was in Sligo in their store last week & seen really cute gear. Just got a top for €20, but could have spent much more. Saving for my hols!!!

  • Moira

    Love your outfit, you have such a unique style! Must be the artist in you I am wearing a robe, over my PJ’s, feeling sick right now with a cough and headache. :( Hope to feel better soon! But I did do my skin care regime.

  • Tracey

    Nice outfit. My friend came back from Edinburgh today and she was wearing boots like yours but in Black which she bought in Schuh. I hadnt seen that style at all in France (very slow with fashion here, think the flower patterns only came out slightly for a day…). You look great with the minimal make up…very fresh.

  • Ciara

    Wearing my MICHAEL BUBLé TSHIRT! which i am absolutely in love with btw, got it on saturday. WIth a green cardigan, im loving bright coloured items lately. And skinny jeans. I want to get a collection of bright converse and cardigans and clash them :)

  • Ash

    Gorge outfit , looks like the park near where i live
    Love the shoes i have been on the hunt for them eve since i
    seen ti on yer utube vid last time i went to schuh
    they where out of 5’s grr …….
    i would have never known wow ,you are a stunning girl !

  • Anna

    Gorgeous, I love that skirt so much! I think my sister has it too, grrr…must try and steal it somehow! Hahaha :) And what are you talking about, you’re beautiful without make-up, I hadn’t even noticed till you said it! <3

    • Amy

      Ah thank you but you’re too nice! I look so tired ha
      I need to go figure out how to sew an underlining onto my skirt :) x

  • robyn

    Hey Amy!

    Love the outfit….you look so cute and chic. I think you are whackadoodle when you say you need to ahve makeup on…you look gorgeous just as is. Your style is so cute. Don’t worry about the skirt bit…and honey those boots are fantastic.

    Robyn (beaniesmalls1)

    • Amy

      Ah thanks so much Robyn :)

  • Brandi Stagg

    Love it! Beautiful location too!

    • Amy

      Thanks Brandi, it’s my front garden :)

  • Amy

    Ive missed your outfit of the day posts :) i love this, it looks well put together but casual and no fuss at the same time (if you get me?!) haha. You look great :) x

    • Amy

      Haha thanks Amy, I’m all about no fuss :) x

  • Niamhy

    I’m off to pennys to buy myself a pair of those tights! Not as harsh as black, perfect with a day dress! Love the boots:)

    • Amy

      The tights are a god send, going to buy more myself. Black is a little sever with soft colours this time of year :)

  • Aoife Oneill

    An iphone! is it with O2? im dying for one but you can only get it on O2 :(

    • Amy

      Yesiree, I was with O2 before

  • Amy:)

    Aww you look so pretty, Love the outfit :) x

    • Amy

      Thanks Amy :)

  • carlinn

    Love the boots! Very cute look!

    • Amy

      Thanks Carlinn :)

  • Elle

    Haha, don’t you just hate it when you don’t notice that something isn’t totally opaque until you have already been out in public? I am loving those boots, Amy, they look so fab!

    • Amy

      I must have worn this skirt at least 10 times during the summer and on holiday, in sunlight. Must have been flashing ha ha

  • mariga

    ooh those boots are perfect.

    • Amy

      Love them! They make a change from my usual painful shoe purchases :)

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