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Favourite Summer Fragrances

You all know how much I love perfume. It makes me happy, shallow but true. I decided to root out my favourite Summer fragrances…

Fragrances mentioned:

  • Stella
  • Kenzo eau d’Ete
  • Stella In Two Peony
  • J Lo Miami Glow
  • Cacharel Amor Amor
  • Ralph Lauren Romance
  • Avon Be Kissable
  • Avon Tahitian
  • Victoria Secret Soft & Gentle
  • The Body Shop White Musk Breeze

What are your favourite fragrances for Summer?

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Revisiting Yon-Ka: Lait Apres Soleil

As a teenager  I was lucky enough to have access to Yon-Ka  skincare products (thanks to my dad adding a beauty salon into his hair salon). Now that I know how expensive it is I realise that I was spoiled. The plant extract scent reminds me of my childhood so I decided to treat myself to one product as a means of revisiting the brand. Since I was heading away to the sun I chose Yon-Ka Soothing Hydrating After Sun / Lait Apres Soleil.

The good

Brilliant moisturiser for very dry skin

  • No irritating ingredients
  • Chock full of good quality emoilients
  • Contains plant extracts
  • Contains Retinol  which helps skin repair itself
  • Smells deliciously Yon-Ka. If your not familiar with the scent
  • Takes down any redness from sun exposure

The bad

  • Expensive ($42, God knows how much it costs in Ireland, I dread Continue Reading
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Yet another cleanser: Cetaphil Daily for normal to oily skin

I’m addicted to trying new cleansers. It’s getting ridiculous. Maybe I haven’t found the perfect one, if such a thing even exists, but I love trying new things. During one of more recent breakouts I found myself in the chemist desperately seeking a tube of Panoxyl. A large, familiar bottle caught my eye, Cetaphil Daily Cleanser for normal to oily skin.

I have never come across Cetaphil before but I have seen countless YouTube guru’s showing it off. It was time for me to give it a try.

It costs €14 which is a little steep considering the fact that it’s a detergent based cleanser with no attractive ingredients. But it is mild and there is plenty of product in there. I have heard that their original gentle cleanser isn’t fabulous at removing make- up so I was curious about this one.

It removed my make-up, including non waterproof eye make-up, without a hitch. It didn’t dry out my skin or irritate my eyes. It does exactly what it says on the tin… Ronseal wood stain tv ad reference for those of you who are wondering whether Cetaphil comes in a tin :)

That’s the good, now here’s the negative. It’s fragranced which isn’t conducive to the brand image. It’s also pretty pointless. It also doesn’t have a bunny  on the packaging which I assume means that the product may be tested on animals.






Morning Waffle – 1st of June

I have been feeling a morning waffle coming on for a few days now, time to give in. Here are some things that are on my mind this morning (please note the lack of depth, waffle is waffle).

1. Happy June! Where have the last 5 months gone I ask you? I seem to have misplaced some time. Quantum leap anyone?

2. Moaning about sunshine – Ok so we Irish always complain about the weather. When it’s cold we moan, when it’s damp we moan, when it’s sunny we moan. The latter is in reference to the sunny spell we were enjoying. If I heard one more person saying Jaysus it’s too warm I was going to chase them with a garden hose.

3. My driving test – I can’t tell you when it is because if I fail I will cry. I can feel the boo hoo’s coming… Please Mr. Driving Test Man, that roundabout came outa’ nowhere! Watch this space.

4. The Ministry of Sound Pump it Up Workout – Love this! I bought it online about 2 years ago but I couldn’t hack it back then. I like that there is no beginner bits, Follow Monica in the back for the easy version etc. It’s just hard core, tone up, burn Continue Reading

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My thoughts on Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup SPF15

Foundation review time!

I have been trying out Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup SPF15, wow what a mouthful. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Avon products. This one was a gift from my aunt last year. It has stayed in the bottom of my makeup drawer but last week I decided it was time to give it some life.

This is a silicone based compact foundation. I generally don’t like compact foundations but I tried to be as unbiased as possible. One great things about this product is that it offers protection from UVA rays thanks to Titanium Dioxide. The downside to this ingredient is of course that it can look a little pasty when exposed to flash photography. Right away that makes this a no no for a bride.

It feels quite greasy when first applied but it’s smooth and easy to blend. It sets to a satin finish, no grease. It’s a little powdery to the touch but didn’t actually look powdery on the skin. It provided a light coverage which didn’t last very long on my normal to combination skin.I tried a little on an older client to see if the foundation seeped into wrinkles and pores. It didn’t thanks to the silicone.

This product also contains a retinol blend. I wouldn’t get too excited about this, the levels are more than likely ridiculously low (to avoid skin reactions in customers) and even at that the tiny dose of retinol could be affected by it’s exposure to light and oxygen.

This foundation would be a good option if you..

  • have dry or mature skin
  • like light coverage
  • need UVA protection in your foundation
  • like compact foundations

For me, I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down. In fact every Avon foundation I have tried, admittedly a few years ago, left me disappointed.

What are your thoughts on Avon foundations and their make-up in general?

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My dirty little beauty secret: Make-up Wipes

I have one dirty beauty secret that I need to own up to… I have a fondness for make-up wipes. I know, I know, spawn of skin satan, atrociously lazy etc but I do use them. I have gone through so many brands of wipes at this stage and there is one that I keep coming back to. The good news is that they are so bloody cheap, the bad news is, well they’re face wipes.

The wipes in questions are Spar Cleansing Wipes for face neck and eyes. I bought them first in an emergency situation and ended up loving them. They cost €1.49 for a pack of 25. They don’t smell gross, in actual fact they are milder than most brands I have tried. I have normal to combination skin that is prone to sensitivity. These are the only wipes I have used that don’t cause a reaction, spots or inflammation. That’s quite shocking considering the fact that they are also the cheapest I have tried. They do a pretty good job of getting off my make-up. They aren’t great at removing eye make-up so I usually do that separately.

I try not to use these wipes every night but I do use them at least twice a week and I have no problems. They provide a little light exfoliation and for that price you can’t go wrong. Wipes are never amazing for you skin but these beauties do exactly what I need them to.

What are your thoughts on cleansing wipes?

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MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

Velvet Teddy was my first MAC lipstick. I bought it years ago in Dublin airport on my way to a wedding in the UK. I asked the sales assistant for a Bridget Bardot nude.

I was running to catch my flight and I didn’t have time to have a closer look at it. I just paid for it and ran. I was a little disappointed when I got on the plane and had look.I would describe this shade as my lip colour but worse. That is not good. It’s a matte shade which means it doesn’t last very long on my lips. It looks dry, flaky and pretty unattractive to be honest. I love nude lipstick but this shade always makes me look dead. Anyway the reason for this post is that I have found a way to use this lipstick, even if it is only a dot of it…

To achieve this effect I applied a clear gloss to the lips and then applied Velvet Teddy over the top. What do you think?

I wouldn’t recommend this lipstick, unless you really love matte shades, but I had to come up with a way to make it work. My work is done.

What are your thoughts on matte lipsticks? What is your favourite finish?

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Beauty from the Inside out: Breakfast for beauty

In the interest of promoting beauty from the inside diet cannot be ignored. I decided to start with Breakfast beacuse, well, I just love breakfast. I would happily eat breakfast foods at every meal time. I found this recipe last year in Carol Vorderman’s detox book. It’s great for those trying to loose some weight before Summer or for those of you after a morning detox. I love it  because it’s nutritionally balanced and provides lots of beauty benefits.

The ingredients in this breakfast really fill you up but they also promote healthy looking skin. Oats are rich in soluble fibre which improves digestion and encourages clear skin (it also lowers cholesterol). Oats contain magnesium and zinc, necessary for skin healing and immunity. They provide slow release energy leaving you fuller for longer. When I have porridge for breakfast I eat less rubbish during the day. The almonds and the seeds provide essential fatty acids. These balance hormones and will help alleviate any hormonal breakouts.

Banana porridge with honey:(makes 4 servings)

  • 175g Rolled Porridge Oats
  • 250ml of Soya, rice, sesame or almond milk – Cows milk is a no no for a detox breakfast
  • 250ml Water Continue Reading
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Make your own Fruit Enzyme Mask

It’s been a while since I posted a DIY skincare piece so I thought it was high time to share the recipe for a mask I have been making lately. This mask is full of AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) which naturally exfoliate the skin leaving you skin supple and smooth.

What you need:

2 sliced strawberries

30g chopped apple
1 teaspoon of honey
2 tablespoons plain yoghurt
2 teaspoons of cosmetic clay (Health shop,some chemists, cheap online)

    It’s best to use organic fruit where possible to avoid covering your face in pesticide. Blend the honey, yoghurt and fruit until the mixture is smooth. Add in the clay until the mixture forms a paste. Cleanse your face and neck then apply the mask. For best results leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and your done! I usually follow with a home made toner and then my moisturiser.

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    Beauty from the inside: The effects of Vitamin C on the skin

    I love this series of Beauty from the inside posts. Today I’m looking at the effect Vitamin C has on the skin. Vitamin C is the building block of collagen, the protein that gives the skin elasticity, structure and tone. It also protects the skin from free-radical damage which can lead to disease and on a smaller scale, free radical damage to the skin.

    Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, this means that our bodies don’t store it. We need to get enough vitamin C from our diet.  Vitamin C is necessary for the growth and repair of tissue. It is essential for healing wounds so if like me you are trying to get rid of that lingering pimple mark, get the juicer going.

    Vitamin C can be found in:

    • Kiwi (Highest), oranges, mango, papaya, lemons, limes, grapefruits, papaya…
    • Broccoli
    • Peppers
    • Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries etc
    • Tomatoes

    I have on occasion resorted to ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) supplement. According to researchers many of us are mildly deficient in it since our bodies can’t sythesise or store it. When I feel a cold coming on I always get a breakout, this tells me that my immunity is low. My immunity, or often lack there of, has a very obvious effect on my skin, epic breakouts. As a result I try to boost my immunity as best I can; exercise, balanced diet, water, sleep and plenty of vitamin C from my diet.

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    Tips for making your lip colour last

    I hate long lasting lipsticks. They’re too drying for me and I never like the finish. If you’re interested in some ways to keep your lip colour on without resorting to long lasting formulas (that often don’t last long at all) here are a few tips:

    • Use pencil on top of lipstick. The wax acts like a barrier. Just make sure you blend away the line. I never use a freshly sharpened pencil for this, a rounded one works best.
    • Blot a little powder on top to keep the lipstick in place for longer. Less is more in this instance. I like to use a little blush instead of powder for added colour depth. On occasion I have used an eyeshadow.
    • Press lip colour into the lips using your finger. This creates a stained satin effect.
    • Completely fill in the lips using a  lip pencil that is the same colour as your lips. This acts as a base and ensures lipstick stays put for longer. I use Continue Reading
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    My Favourite Eye Liner

    I have quite a few eyeliners in my make-up collection. I have gel, liquid, cake and kohls. I go through phases of them and at the moment I’m using pencil liners to beat the band. One in particular has become a firm favourite, MAC Powerpoint in Engraved.

    Engraved is a jet black. Powerpoints are easy to sharpen and are the perfect texture;  not too soft and not too hard, like baby bear’s porridge, it’s just right. I have loved Urban Decay 24/7 liners in the past but I find it annoying that I need to sharpen after every single use. The best thing about Engraved is that it’s waterproof.

    Since it’s waterproof MAC cannot say it’s safe for the waterline but I used it on my waterline anyway. I have super sensitive eyes that water in response to many things, this liner is not one of those things. I have yet to find a liner that lasts all day on your waterline but this one has come close.

    Engraved has become an old reliable for me. I think I’ll have a look to see what other shades MAC sell.

    What’s your favourite eyeliner?