Rimmel Silky Loose Powder

As you may already know, I am on a mission to find some affordable yet great products. Unfortunately that means I tend to waste a lot of money on rubbish. But occasionally, very occasionally, I come across something worth mentioning. One such product is Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder. Read more…

Orglamix Mineral Make-up


Here are the Orglamix swatches as promised.

Cranberry – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

Chamomile – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

Hot Chocolate – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

Citron – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

Heliotrope – Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

Pink Pepper – Pure Mineral Blush

Sugar Loaf – Pure Mineral Blush

Tourmaline – Pure Mineral Glow

Bamboo – Pure Mineral Foundation

Click here to go to  Orglamix Shop

Photos copyright Orglamix, taken from http://www.etsy.com/shop/orglamix

I shall be ordering some to suit my blue eyes soon!

Info for Irish Perfume & Body Shop Junkies

To all my fellow perfume junkies,

In the interest of keeping Irish ladies in the beauty loop, The Body Shop are hosting an event this weekend that might be of interest to you. Thought I’d share the info I received:

This Valentines Day, celebrate your love for all the special people in your life!

To release the force of the Love Etc…™ fragrance collection …, The Body Shop will host the ultimate ‘photo booth’ competition on Saturday, 6th of February 2010 in the Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin. The theme of the competition, ‘Celebrate your love for all the special people in your life’, aims to inspire everyone to capture their own signature photograph which will be posted on The Body Shop Facebook and Flickr. The winner will receive a dinner for 2 in Roly’s Bistro in Dundrum to the value of €200, together with a basket of The Body Shop goodies valued at €300. Furthermore, all those who enter on the day will receive a special discount code to redeem 20% off all products in The Body Shop (the offer will be valid from the 6th till the 14th of Feb).

The competition will be judged before February 14th by three of Ireland’s top photo bloggers.

Enjoy x

Clearing Out Your Closet

I hate clearing out my wardrobe. Hate it with a passion. I’d actually rather clean toilets for a day over a closet clear-out (I think that tells you how much I hate doing it!)

Today I decided to bite the bullet and get down to spring cleaning my closet. I find clutter makes my mind feel cluttered. Clearing out does wonders for the soul for some reason. Maybe it’s because it feels like a bit of a fresh start or  clean slate.

I thought it might be useful if  I share my clearing out method :) Read more…

What would you like to see?

Hi ladies,

You have all been so incredibly supportive since I started makeupandbeauty.ie. I want to thank you all for being the best make-up junkies on the planet!

My blog posts are mainly inspired, or sometimes requested, by readers. I would love to know what type of posts you like seeing or would like to see more of. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, as always.

Amy x

How to Create Sexy Waves

I am a huge fan of sexy hair. It takes me about 6 minutes to do but it looks like I made no effort (which I like). There is nothing precise about it, it’s a bit of  a messy do. Enjoy!


Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation

This foundation is award winning; Allure Best of Beauty Editors’ Choice – Best Foundation – October 2009 and In Style Best Beauty Buy – Best Oil-Free Foundation – April 2009.

I had to try it. Had to I tell you! Here’s what I think:

The Good:

  • Good Coverage
  • Feels Soft

The Bad:

  • It made my skin look flat and lifeless. I can’t stand make-up that makes me look 1 dimensional.
  • It transferred to my shirt.
  • Poor Range of Shades : There are 11 shades in the range. The make-up Assistant at the Laura Mercier stand had difficulty finding a shade to match my skintone. There is not a wide enough variety of shades.
  • Price: Very expensive. A foundation in this price range should be without fault.
  • It smells like plasticine
  • Dried out my blemish. My make-up looked crusty over the top. Yuck!
  • Tricky to apply because of it’s consistency
  • The cap doesn’t stay on

Would I buy it again? I think the long list of ‘bads’ above answer that question.  I would like to try their foundation for normal skin though.

What do you think?

Lancome Adaptive Foundation

A product designed to make oily skin matte and dry skin moisturized?  I was skeptical the first time I picked up Lancome Adaptive. I was matched to shade 03.

It came highly recommended by a friend who also had combination skin. I bought  it from my local McCabes Pharmacy, I received lots of Lancome freebies, with my purchase. I love freebies, they make you feel like your getting a better deal.

This is a liquid foundation with SPF10. It is designed for combination skin. The sales spiel blabbered on about mattifying the oily part of your skin whilst moisturising the dry. It’s medium coverage.

The good: It evened out my skintone and cover my blemishes. I quite like the texture. It feels quite rich without being greasy.

The bad: It made my complexion look a little flat. The scent was also a little overpowering.

And the Ugly:  After two hours of wear I noticed that my chin was sans make-up! Bear in mind that I wasn’t running a marathon or lying on a beach in Hawaii, I was sitting at the kitchen table! Not a good result.

Overall it’s a bit average for a high end product. It is superior to any “drugstore” foundation I have tried. However, it doesn’t compare to the likes of Make Up Forever, Nars or Chanel.

I certainly won’t be re-purchasing!

What do you think of Lancome Foundations?

Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF15

I bought Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer UVA/UVB SPF15 over a year ago. I have quite a few questions about its quality.

I don’t like this product at all. It is far too greasy for my normal/combination skin. When I bought it first I tested it’s effects after an 8 hour work day over a week.

The results? No difference to my foundation.

It didn’t have any negative effects on my foundation but it certainly didn’t make it last longer. I also used it on a few clients and didn’t enjoy working with it. It’s also expensive. If I am paying €40 for a primer, it had better do it’s job exceptionally well.

I know a few make-up artists that adore this product but it’s not for me. They have a light version available now but I’m not willing to part with my cash to try it, I love my Laura Mercier Primer too much!

What do you think of it?

Swatches: Sephora by OPI Nail Polishes

PIC_0032 PIC_0034
PIC_0036 PIC_0040




Sephora by OPI:

First Row: Shopping Frenzy (Left) Domestic Goddess (right)

Second Row: Queen of Everything (left) Untarnished Image (right)

Third Row: Curve-aceous

Fourth Row: Meet For Drinks



MAC Eyeshadows

I decided to bring this post over from blogspot for colour reference. I would love to know if you like any of these colours and what you wear them with.

Cranberry, Naval, Coppering, Twinks Read more…

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

I know it’s strange to be talking about tinted moisturiser in the middle of Winter. It is traditionally a Summer product. However, I fancied a break from foundation today.

I bought the Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer 6 months ago in a Stila set for $16 from www.beautycrunch.com. I was mainly interested in the eyeshadows and gloss and never gave the tinted moisturiser a go.

I squeezed out a little on the back of my hand and patted it on freshly cleansed skin. I don’t really like the texture of it, it felt quite greasy on my fingers, like Sun Block.

Two hours after application my skin doesn’t look greasy at all. I don’t really see any trace of a glow or of product for that mattter. I ended up slapping on some MUFE HD Foundation on my chin because the stila product seemed to draw attention to my imperfections.

Now I know it’s a tinted moisturiser and not a foundation but this really had zero coverage. It’s definitely one of those products designed for a glow. It would be a great product for someone with really clear skin. I do like that it has SPF15.

Would I buy it again? Not a chance.

I would love to try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. Have you tried it?

Bridal Series: Midday Brides

Brides who are getting married in the afternoon should factor in that the Midday sun can cast shadows on your face. There are a few steps I recommend to help your make-up photograph well.

Foundation: Choose a light weight foundation without sheen. Dewy make-up is best for morning brides. Wear as little foundation as you can get away with as this is the time of day that it will show most. Blending is the most important step with foundation. Ensure your foundation matches  collarbone. Bring the foundation on to your neck so your face and neck photograph the same colour.

Powder: Use a finely milled matte powder to finish the skin. It will keep your make-up on all day and ensure that your skin looks great in photographs. Some translucent powders contain Titanium Dioxide which tends to make the face look whiter in photographs. It is best to avoid these powders on your wedding day. Blending is key here.

Blush: Use a soft shade that compliments your skintone. Powder blush is best for oily skin whilst normal or dry skinned brides can get away with cream blush.

Eye Make-up: As the light casts shadow at this time of the day it is important that your eye make-up isn’t too dark. You could end up looking like your eyes are pieces of coal in photographs, not a good look. Use a highlight shade to open your eye (nothing frosty, shimmery is ok) I would recommend that you keep the  lid shade and crease shade matte to avoid an over shiny eye in your photos. click here to read about what eyeshadows accentuate your eye colour

Eyeliner: If you decide to wear some keep it thin so it doesn’t take over. For a softer look press some eyeshadow into the lash line. Avoid lining the water line as this will close in your eye and it will dominate your look at this time of the day.

Mascara: Ensure you coat both sides of the lashes. People often forget the back of the lashes, this can look odd. Particularly if you have fair hair. False lashes look amazing on every bride. They can be very subtle but make an enormous difference to the size your eye appears. They also add a touch of glamour.

The most important thing is to blend, blend, blend.

More from the bridal series:

Beauty Tips for Brides

Make-up for Morning Brides

Bronzer for Brides



Smooth Lips Mission

Right, I am sick of dry, flakey winter lips! I find it so irritating that every lipstick I apply looks awful because of the state of the skin underneath. Usually I apply Carmex at night and that does the trick. In Winter it’s not enough, thank you fussy lips!

Why? It’s probably because down to freezing temperatures, icy winds and central heating. No doubt there are thousands of you in the same boat. So I am on a mission to get rid of the dead skin and have smooth lips.

Today I raided the kitchen presses to find something I could use as an exfoliant. I wouldn’t use an abrasive scrub since the skin on lips is quite thin and fragile (I did try it a few years ago and my lip started bleeding, ooops!)

Get to it: I settled for baking soda. I put half a teaspoon into the palm of my hand and rubbed a damp toothbrush on it. I gently rubbed the toothbrush back and forth for about 15 seconds. Rinse and done!

Result: It loosened the  flakey, dead skin and left my lips softer. Brushing my lips seemed to  increase circulation temporarily and left my lips plump for a while, I love delightful side effects.

I’ll be doing this regularly, I love the feeling of smooth lips. I would advise that you do this over the sink to avoid mess.

What is happening with my Concealer!

I have mentioned Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo many times. It’s great for oily skin, it had brilliant coverage and it doesn’t move. It’s expensive but worth it, I thought!

I use this on a lot on clients with oily skin. It holds up well under studio lights and has great staying power. I also have one in my personal collection in SC3. If I had a breakout on my chin I happily smeared  it on for skin perfection.

Bet your wondering where this is going…

Well I wore it on my chin yesterday and after a few hours I passed a mirror and got a fright. And what is it that I saw?


Caking of the worst kind! I tried to blend it back but there was no saving it. I grabbed a makeup wipe from my bag and soaked it all off. I’d rather a bare chin than a caked one!

I am not happy about this. I don’t have a chin breakout at the moment, for a change, so it has left me wondering whether it only works when my chin is oily. At the moment the skin there is normal.

The caking may have occurred due to the mixing of the concealer with my foundation. An oil based product over an oil free one could cause problems. I will have to investigate this further!

I have to say that this has scared me off this concealer. It’s very off putting and even if it was a once off caking incident I won’t ever wear it with confidence. If I wear it again, I’ll feel the need to check it constantly to make sure it looks good.

Although this has never let me down before I’m not into high maintenance make-up and caked make-up is a beauty nightmare!

Have you tried this concealer?

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