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Pastel Nails for Spring

Pastel nails are in this Spring. With that in mind I decided to pick up an Easter inspired nail polish.

I settled on Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Button Moon (33). It’s a very pretty pastel aqua colour. I’ve never tried any of Collection 2000 nail polishes before. They are very cheap (under €3) and are often on special in Boots.

I always buy the same shades of nail polish, the classic shades really.  So trying a pastel green/blue is quite daring for me.

What do I think?

The colour is very pretty and I like that it’s a bit different. My nails remind me that Winter in over and Spring is here. Catching a glimpse of my nails actually made me feel quite cheery.

The application wasn’t exactly plain sailing. The consistency of the polish is quite thick. The bristles are not very smooth so it was difficult to get the polish evenly down to the cuticle. It dries very fast, which is usually a good thing but the polish dried a little streaky. After the first coat it looked awful. The second coat saved the day but it’s a long way from a flawless finish. The bottle is also very small and because of the consistency I can’t imagine I will get very many applications out of it.

Bottom line, they are cheap and pretty. They are great for a seasonal polish change and a bit of colour injection. I wouldn’t rely on this polish though as the finish is a little hit and miss. They are also as bit thick and gloopy. Barry M and Rimmel polishes are much nicer. This polish isn’t amazing but it makes me smile!

Have you tried any of the Collection  2000 nail polishes? What do you think of them? What polish will you be wearing for Spring?

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  • Erin

    I recently brought a grey collection 2000 nail polish, i found that with the first aplication it looked very watery, i ended up putting three coats on, which then it started to chip the next day. However for the price of £1.45 i would only buy again if i wanted to wear the nail polish for a night not for long lasting use. :) xx

  • Katie2010

    Hey Amy, I actually have the exact same one..totally agree with the brush and streakiness,just handy seasonal n cheerful. I only just bought 2 17 nail polishes the other day -one of them is their fast finish polish in caribean coral(a very summery, coral pinky shade) and the other one is their lasting fix in smoke signal, ..i think..(i just misplaced the bottle.ahem),they give a better finish,dry just as quick AND they are on the 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment :-) p.s. i love the collection 2000 in button moon tho

  • Laura J

    I love that colour I have the mint green colour by Barry M and I love it it looks almost the same as the collection 2000 that you are wearing. I really want to try some of the new Boots 17 pastel shades of nail polish have you tried those yet?

  • Amy

    Ive tried these hot looks nail polishes. as Superdrug had a 3 for £5 offer I bought two of the polishes and a black sparkly shadow. I got a grey called Wham and a hot pink called Siren, the grey is very watery but after 2 coats like the blue it looks decent :) and the pink is very pigmented though very thick. I was extremely impressed with the black eyeshadow :) x

    • Amy

      @Amy love their shadows and metallic liners! :) x

  • Kelly

    I have a few of the Collection 2000 polishes and I found because they are so thick, they go gloopy after a while. I much prefer the consistency of the Barry M Nail Paints if I’m honest.


    • Amy

      @Kelly agreed!

  • Catriona

    Looks pretty!

    Boots 17 have just brought out a range of pastel shades. I had mine on for 4 days and it didn’t chip! One coat didn’t look good but a second one improved it a lot. They’re on 3 for 2 right now also. :)

    • Amy

      @Catriona Thanks for sharing that Catriona, maybe another visit to boots is in order :)

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